What Is a Balance Bike

What is a Balance Bike ? – A Comprehensive Guide of Balance Bike

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You will also get to know, how high should the seat be in a balance bike and is balance bike waste of money?

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What Is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a lightweight bike with no pedal. These bikes are designed to help your kid learn riding pedal bikes. Toddlers as small as 18 months can start using these bikes. Balance bikes are actually the replacement of tricycles and training wheels.

Tricycle comes with three wheels where kids don’t need to balance the bike on their own. All they would need to do is just push the pedal, nothing else.

What’s wrong with a tricycle is, kids don’t learn to balance the bike on two wheels, and using tricycle kids would never be able to ride a real pedal bike.

On the other hand, training wheels mean there will be two side wheels on the back of the bike which means the bike will have four wheels, makes it easier for kids to ride. But is that helping the kid to learn to balance?

No. The bike is already balanced by the two training wheels, therefore toddlers don’t have balance the bike on their own.

So both the tricycle and training wheels are not an effective solution if you want your kids to learn to ride real pedal bikes. A balance bike is a thing that you should provide to your kids.

These bikes come with only two wheels, the only difference between a real pedal bike and a balance bike is the pedal.

A balance bike doesn’t come with a pedal, rest is the same as real pedal bikes and that is why kids learn to balance the bike on their own.

Are Balance Bikes Any Good?

There is no better alternative than a balance bike for learning riding the real pedal bike, and you will witness that once you see your kid using that. Nevertheless, let me tell you the goods for using a balance bike.

These bikes are super lightweight and that is why kids will be able to walk or run with it comfortably. Balance bikes come in different weights but you should choose one that has less weight than your kid’s body weight.

Since balance bike mimics real pedal bikes, kids will be able to balance the real pedal bike by practicing with the balance bike.

There is very little chance of getting injured and that is because of the lightweight. Kids will be able to control the bike easily and they can immediately land their foot on the ground and stable the bike.

In the beginning, they will surely need your assistance but after a while, they would be all set to ride alone. And you have to allow them to ride alone.

Some latest balance bike even comes with a braking system which makes it even better. Kids will be used to squeezing braking handle which will help them progress in real pedal bikes.

Turning the handlebar right-left requires skill. Doing this is very easy in a tricycle or with a training wheel. But doing in balance bike requires proper balance and once kids get used to that, no one can stop them from riding real pedal bike smoothly.

Is Balance Bike Waste of Money?

Most parents think that kids will outgrow a balance bike very soon and that is why they don’t invest in balance bikes. And that is a completely wrong though. Your kids will be still enjoying the balance bike even when they learn to balance.

Because of the lightweight, they would be able to ride to small hills and will be able to ride by lifting their feet up. Buying a balance bike could be a waste of money only when you choose the wrong size.

You have to choose the bike according to your kid’s size. If you pick a bike that is heavier than your baby’s weight, it is the wrong choice.

The main motive of a balance bike is offering children’s comfort and your child won’t be happy lifting a bike heavier than them. The size of the bike should be smaller than the baby so that they can stand, walk, or run with the bike effortlessly.

How high the Seat Be On a Balance Bike?

This is one of the most asked questions and parents are really confused about this. So let me clear that out, you should set the seat height according to your baby’s comfort.

Make sure you pick a balance bike that comes with adjustable seat height, otherwise you are not able to adjust the seat height.

For accurate seat height, make your kid stand beside the bike, not on the bike. And adjust the seat height equal to the kid’s waist, which is the perfect seat height for that kid.

Once you set the height, tell your kid to sit on the bike and see if he or she can comfortably touch the ground with their leg. If they don’t, lower the height. This will enable the kid to push the ground in order to take the bike forward.

Our Top Choice

Our Top Choice

Our Top Choice spot needs to go to Strider Sport Balance Bike! It’s a standout amongst the most looked for after bikes because it is the best of bestseller in the word and it has helped numerous children around the word to increase both certainty and balance. Not exclusively is it likewise features in the. The frame of the bike itself is designed in an approach to help ergonomically bolster your youngster and let them have legitimate feet placement and balance.

The tires are puncture resistant and will never require air which will enable your kid to encounter more rocky and rough terrains without stressing if the balance bike can maintain it! The bike has flexible handles and seats to encourage your tyke to ride and investigate all through their advancement and development.

Strider has inspired each customer that has gone over their product, and we trust they will never stop to do as such. On account of all the security features, color varieties, and customizable alternatives, Strider Sport Balance Bike has effectively taken the Top Choice spot on our list.

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Awesome value:

Awesome value

Our Great Value spot needs to go to Chicco Red Bullet! They have set aside their opportunity to make their balance bikes emerge among the others in its category. The vintage design is extremely satisfying to look at, will enable you to pick something that suits your youngster best.

The seat and handlebars are soft and will not cause discomfort for your kid, either. They were made in an approach to permit ergonomic help while as yet keeping the pad soft and comfortable to make sure your kid can invest hours cruising!

The air-free tires will spare you any inconvenience of pumping air in or out or puncturing the wheels coincidentally amid rough rides. With an age 18 months to 5 years, you can be guaranteed that your kid will have this balance bike for no less than 3 years and will love it as a fun memory to have grown up with!

Because of Chicco Red Bullet’s affordable price (which is about half less when contrasted with different bikes out available today) we are glad to state it got the spot as our Great Value product because of the helpful features and claim that it conveys!

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Premium Choice:

Premium Choice

Our Premium Choice spot goes to none other than HYYQG Balance Bike! Their balance bike has given customers a portion of the vastest alternatives with regards to the customization of their children’s bikes. There are 20 colors to choose upon buy and HYYQG gives you a lifetime warranty over this apparently straightforward bike. On account of HYYQG likewise making their product one of the lightest balance bikes on the world, you can rest guaranteed that your youngster won’t be genuinely harmed on the off chance that they stumble over and the bikes fall on them. It’s a light-weight design that shouldn’t perpetrate any harm. On the off chance that you or your kid are not happy with the bike, you can undoubtedly turn it back, get 100% of your cashback with no whine or inconvenience.

Regardless of where you live or what terrain your home is encompassed by, this balance bike can withstand a considerable measure of the situations that you place it in while as yet giving easy rides to your kid. It’s made of sans rust free aluminum, in this way if there is no place in the house to leave the bike or in the event that you get captured in the rain you will be able to leave it to dry without stress!

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A balance bike is highly necessary for your kid if you want them to ride a real pedal bike soon. Don’t hesitate to spend on a balance bike if possible pick a high-end model(Strider or Cruzzee) that offers a bunch of latest tires. some budget-friendly options too.

Time to wrap the article, hope it helped.

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