What Age Is best for A Balance Bike? Balance Bike Guide for Your Infant

What Age is Best for a Balance Bike? Balance Bike Guide for Your Infant


Once there were supporting wheels attached to cycles with which babies used to ride cycles but that is not something very helpful in teaching your baby to bike on their own. Now with time, people are inventing more and more things that are highly beneficial and balance bike is one of those effective inventions. A balance bike is a very effective bike that will help your baby to balance and control the bike with very fewer injuries. And if proper precaution is taken, no injuries would happen. However, do you know What Age Is best for A Balance Bike? If you don’t, this very article is for you. Not only the age, but I have also discussed other important things that you should know before you provide your kid with a balance bike.

So let’s get started with the main thing.

What Is the Best Age for Balance Bike?

There is a misconception about balance bikes which is, most parents think that their children will outgrow balance bike faster and that is why most parents don’t feel comfortable investing in a balance bike.

You should not provide your baby pedal version bikes at the very beginning, that sounds very dumb and you know that too. With pedal bike at the beginning, your baby will encounter a lot of injuries.

And balance bike is the only thing that would help your baby to balance a bike on their own with less to no injuries. And there are several reasons too why you should look for a balance bike, I am going to discuss that later.

As I was saying, a balance bike is not a waste of money but it is a great gift that you can give to your baby so that they can ride pedal cycle soon.

Surely balance bike is not replaceable with the pedal bike but still, your kid will still realize a lot of benefits using balance bike.

Now let me answer your question, what is the best age for a balance bike? A balance bike can be used by a 7-year-old kid. You should not choose the bike by the age of your kid, instead, choose the bike by the size of your kid.

If he or she have the height and weight of a small kid, he or she can ride balance bike doesn’t matter even if their age is more than 10 years or so.

But to give you an idea, a balance bike is perfect for babies of 2 to 6 years old.

Benefits of Riding a Balance Bike

Balance bikes have gained a lot of traction recently and that is obviously because it offers good value. Many parents don’t want to invest money on balance bike, instead, they bring a pedal bike for their baby who has never sit on a bike before.

If you are one of them, this article might help you change your mind and know the true fact. Here you go,


One of the important factor that has a lot to do with your baby’s bike learning. You should not provide your kid with any heavy stuff, right? And pedal bikes are too heavy for your 2 or 3-year-old child.

Balance bikes strike exactly there, they are super lightweight. And that is why they are best for learning riding bike.  

These bikes would have less weight than your baby which will enable your baby to hold the bike, sit on it and push forward with leg easier. And most importantly, kid’s will be very comfortable with such a lightweight bike for sure.

They would be able to run with the bike too long distances without getting tired and also be able to climb small tiny heels easily.

Small kid

Kids can start playing with a balance bike at an early age. This is not me who is randomly saying it, it is coming from the researches. Kids as young as 2-years old can start learning with a balance bike.

And with time when they get taller, stronger and learns to balance a bike, they can shift to pedal bikes.


There are some bikes which come with attached side wheels which are designed to help kids learning riding two-wheel pedal bikes. But several pieces of research conducted on that has proven that side wheels are not effective in learning bike.

That is because of the side wheels, your kids won’t have to balance the bike on their own and that is what prevents them from learning the bike balancing.

I am sure you know how different it is to balance a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler. And since balance bike doesn’t come with side wheels and they are lightweight, they are highly effective for learning riding pedal bikes.

Balance bikes are the pedal bikes with less weight and no pedal. With a balance bike, your kid will be turning the steering, balancing the bike and braking the bike where needed.

Low risk

Another reason why as a parent you should provide a balance bike to your kid is, they are far less prone to injuries.

Since balance bike comes with no pedal and they are lightweight, your baby will encounter very less to no fall or injuries.

Because of no pedal, they will on their feet all the time in the beginning and even when they ride lifting their feet up, if any emergency comes they will be able to land their feet immediately.

Some latest balance bike comes with latest technologies and braking system which makes those balance bike even safer.  

One additional advice I would like to give you as a parent, never let your kid ride a bike without wearing all the needed protective gears such as knee brace, elbow pads, helmet, gloves.

Not even when your kid doesn’t want to put all these. These can save your kid from multiple knees, elbow and a head scratch. And always be with your kid when they are learning.


I am sure now you know what age is best for a balance bike. I also have tried to cover some needed information too, hope you liked it.

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