Ultimate Buying Guide of a Balance Bike

Ultimate Buying Guide of a Balance Bike


Balance bikes are a great first bike option for children. They are taught balance over pedaling making the progression to a pedal bike. Without training wheels much easier balanced bikes may seem simple. But there are many things to take into account before buying them in this Ultimate Buying Guide.

In this article we’re going to take through some of the things you need to know before purchasing a balance bike and we’re also going to test some of the more popular brands to see how they compare the number one thing to consider. When purchasing a balance bike, the size of the bike refers to the tires typically the 12 inch or 14 inch for beginners. But the frame size, seat height and handlebar height could differ. So these are things you need to pay attention to you don’t want a balance bike. that’s too big or too small you want the bike to fit the child now and have the adjustability through the seat and through the handlebars to increase the size as the child grows to pick the right size bike.

There’s a couple of questions that you need to answer first of all.

Number 1:

Can your child stand over the bike comfortably?

Number 2:

Is there enough adjustable in the seat height to increase the size of the bike as the child increases in size and finally can the child reach the handlebars comfortably while sitting on the seat?

The minimum and maximum seat height for a balanced bike is also very important. You don’t want to buy a bike that has very limited adjustability and your child will outgrow really quickly. Ideally you’d want a two to three inch clearance when the child is standing over the bike. As a guide if you can’t get the child to stand over the bike and you’re shopping online for example you want to measure the child’s inseam and again have a two to three inch clearance between the minimum seat heights.

Tires are a key consideration when purchasing a balance bike. You want to choose the right tire for the area that you live in and the type of riding that your child is going to do whether that be flat terrain off-road or a mixture of both tires can be solid foam, solid rubber or the traditional air infiltrator tire and the tread pattern can be very different depending on the tire that you choose.

Choosing regular air inflated tires with a traditional tread is going to leave you open to flats. So another option could be to choose a foam or a solid rubber tire. But those tires are not going to have the cushioning all the support that a traditional air inflated tire is going to offer.

Choosing the right material for your balance bike is also a key consideration. Balanced bikes can be steel aluminum, wood or plastic. The material you choose will be dictated by the price of the bike in most cases and will affect the durability. The look and the weight of the bike be mindful of how much a balanced bike weighs 25% of your child is a good guide to work from. As well as choosing a light bike you also want to be mindful of the maximum weight limit that like has and ensure that your child is not going to exceed.

Optional extras:

We’re now going to take you to some of the optional extras that come with balance bikes. Standard brakes won’t come as standard on a balance bike. But they can be a good teaching tool for your child to start early. As the name suggests pending limit is limiting the amount of rotation through the front of the bike. So a child won’t be able to perform a full revolution of the handlebars and potentially have an accident footrests are not a common feature nor an essential feature of a balance bike. But they can be a lot of fun an important consideration. If your bike does have footrests or you intend on buying a bike with footrests is. It’s not going to limit your child walking with the bike or any movement having the right grips on a balance bike is very important. You want them to be small enough. so that a child can fit their hands around them and have a large section on the outside in case of falls or rubbing up against walls or sharp objects as with any new purchase be sure to check the warranty check what the warranty covers how long it covers it for and what the process is if something goes wrong.


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