Wushang Bike Handlebar Grips

Top Bicycle Handlebar Grips : To Ensure Your Comfort While Cycling

Introduction: Top Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Bicycle handlebar grips are the part of the bicycle which you hold to start cycling. To do so, you need a handlebar grip.

Grips that will make you feel comfy and secure are your crucial need for cycling. For that, you have to choose those grips which will give you proper balance and happiness too. 

Top Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Which bicycle handlebar grips are best for your bicycle? Of course, you are in a dilemma to choosing one among so many grips in the marketplace.

We will assist you in making the proper selection. Our top 10 picks of handlebar grips will give you the right ideas. Let’s see the grips now:

1. LERMX Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Handle Bar End Bike Handlebar Rubber End Grips for MTB, BMX, Mountain, Downhill, Folding Bike

LERMX bicycle handlebar grips brand name is LX LERMX. Dimensions of the grips are       0.79 x 1.18 x 1.57 inches (LxWxH).

The premium quality TPR Rubber of the grips ensures real soft feelings, which is better than other PVC rubber.


The clamp bolts are produced from the fusion of the metal Aluminum. The clamp has got a lock system. So it is tight enough, and there is no way to lose control and fall to the ground.


The impact resistance provides you with the ultimate comfort. The ease-of-use design and anti-slip style have got layers of gel to give you a smooth touch. So there is no chance of being discolored and gluey in the hot sunny weather.


The palm pad space is big enough. It will give you protection from trembling. Your palm will not even feel the tiredness of cycling after a long time. It will also decrease the power of the waving while cycling.


The length of the handlebar grips is 5.6 inches or 143mm. Perfect for any ordinary bicycle. The diameter of the outside is 0.87 Inches or 22.2mm. Suitable for the maximum handlebar.

The weight of each pair is 190g altogether. The color is black.


  • You can have comfy soft feelings while holding the premium quality rubber
  • Reduces risk of sudden accidents
  • Long time cycling guarantee
  • The grips do not melt or tear apart in hot or cold weather
  • Lightweight handlebar grips
  • Four easy installation processes


  • Not appropriate for short handlebars
  • Only one color is available

Bicycle Handlebar Grips



2. MARQUE Bicycle Handlebar Grips

MARQUE Bicycle Handlebar Grips


MARQUE bicycle handlebar grips ahttps://amzn.to/3ai1Zdvnti-slipping pads do not let you slip unexpectedly while you are on a ride. It is a combination of exceptional, thorough design to soak up any kind of sudden blow.

The small grid model below the palm of the rider raises the pulling power for you. Maybe you have forgotten to wear gloves, and you are cycling without them. Even then, you will be able to Bicycle Handlebar Grips.


MARQUE brand is cooperative with the two types of shifters. They are:

  • Standard
  • Twist shift rear


On the right side of your grip, they work. On that side, the grips usually barge in the hollow and can turn into twist shifters from the standard one.


The ergonomic bike grips shape is designed to make the contact space bigger to replace your hand. You will also get enough support for your wrist so that you can hold the grip tightly.


The maximized equally divided pressure to replace your hand’s fingers with palm decreases the tiredness of your day-long cycling.


The installation process is very easy for everyone. Installation takes very little time. You have to just slide the grips, and they are prepared for the ride.


The grip is a good fit for almost every conventional plain bicycle’s handlebars with an outside diameter of 20 to 23 feet.


MARQUE Ergonomic bike grips are very suitable for:


  • MTB
  • Commuter bikes
  • E-bikes



  • Trustworthy bicycle grips for long hours riding
  • Budget-friendly best bike grips
  • These grips can handle sudden movement and your security
  • Quality complete materials are used to produce MARQUE road bike grips
  • Beautiful design to support the wrists of the rider
  • It gives a painless feeling after finishing the day-long journey


  • Sometimes one grip is seen to be loose while installing.

MARQUE Bicycle Handlebar Grips



3. Wushang Bike Handlebar Grips

Wushang Bike Handlebar Grips

Wushang ergonomic bike grips are the best mountain bike grips. These bike grips are adequately locked. They have bicycle bar ends with a horn-like shape. The bilateral lock ring is made from an amalgam of Aluminum. These mountain bike handlebar grips give the guarantee to climb safely. There is no way that it will fall unexpectedly from your bicycle.

The palm print design used here is the bionic gecko design. This design does not let you slip now and then.

The rubber of the grips is TPR rubber. TPR has got the quality to let you have a natural feel when you hold the grip.


The elasticity of the rubber gives your palm comfort and protection. Your riding experience will let you know the difference when you will use Wushang mountain bike grips.

The small design of the meatball can absorb sudden waves. The fitting area amplifies the surface. It can decrease the harmful pressure of the nerves of your palm.

So, you don’t have to feel anxious whenever you are planning for a long way ride with your friends.

The technologies used to manufacture these bike handle grips ensure the long-lasting utilization of the grips.

The weight of one pair is approximately 0.59lb. And size is 5.51×4.33 inches.



  • Perfect fit for the people who want grips like “knuckles forward.”
  • The screws will prevent unpleasant twists of the bicycle while riding
  • The end plugs offer a secured feeling on the hand
  • Too many beneficial items comparing the price
  • Don’t let the riders feel the numbness of their hands
  • There is no chance of getting cramps on your hand
  • The installation process is simple to understand


  • Only one color combination of black and grey is available.

Wushang Bike Handlebar Grips



4. ROCKBROS Bike Handlebar Grips

ROCKBROS Bike Handlebar Grips

Double Lock-on MTB Bicycle Handlebar Grips Ergonomic Non-Slip Rubber Hand Grip for Scooter, Mountain, BMX, Folding Bike

ROCKBROS bike handlebar grips are available in five beautiful colors:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange


ROCKBROS ergonomic bike grips are the best fit for the average handlebar of the bikes, which have a diameter limited to 22.2mm.


You can use it for your:


  • Bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Mountain bike
  • Scooters
  • Beach Cruiser
  • MTB
  • BMX


The double lock system is made from an aluminum mixture. You will be able to lock your grip tightly and in the proper place. Thus the security of the rider is maintained.


The slip-resistant formula does not let you lose the grips when you sweat enough to dampen your hand.


The relaxed feeling you will have because of the TPR rubber of the grip. It is very light and ensures long-lasting use. It also assists in controlling your mountain bike and lets you ride rough areas for a long way.


You can easily install the grips and fix screws of it utilizing the Allen key in a few moments.



  • Long hour riding with wet hands
  • Excellent riding experience wearing gloves
  • Original plugs for better functioning
  • Best bike grips with enough comfy feelings
  • The straightforward application process


  • One-sided locking system
  • Suitable for the hollow types of handlebars

ROCKBROS Bike Handlebar Grips



5. FIFTY-FIFTY Double Lock Handle Grips MTB

FIFTY-FIFTY Double Lock Handle Grips MTB

FIFTY-FIFTY Mountain Bike Grips have a total of six colors in their collection. They are:


  • Black bike grips
  • Blue bike grips
  • Green bike grips
  • Grey bike grips
  • Purple bike grips
  • Red bike grips


You will be able to pick any one color of your choice from them. Besides, you can change your bike grips anytime.


If you are thinking of going for intense riding, then the dual lock-on system of the clamp will ensure your security for the whole day.


There is no chance of slipping suddenly because of the non-slippy grips. The smooth and long-lasting bike grips MTB are shock resistant.


They can swallow any amount of waves. So. It becomes a hassle-free ride for you whether you put on gloves or not. 


FIFTY-FIFTY grips are very compatible with both wet and dry weather. Installation is trouble-free as the lock has the plug’s in the mountain bike handlebar ends.


The weight of a pair is 98g—a complete fit for the diameter of the Bike Handlebar of 22.2mm.


The size length is 135mm, and the diameter is 30mm.


These cycle handle grips go well for:


  • Mountain bike (All types)
  • Enduro
  • Trail
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Cross Country


Installation can be completed in four easy step-by-step processes.



  • The comfortable grips give you a smooth ride
  • A two-sided lock is imposing
  • Simple installation process anyone can follow
  • More than 100 hours use guarantee
  • Can work well enough even the grips face any severe thrust
  • The perfect density of the grips


  • The looks of the grips are not very beautiful
  • One may require gloves for a day-long ride

FIFTY-FIFTY Double Lock Handle Grips MTB



6. FIFTY-FIFTY Single Lock-on Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips

FIFTY-FIFTY Single Lock-on Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips

FIFTY-FIFTY single lock-on mountain bike handlebar grips have brought a total of nine color bike grips. They are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Grey


You may have a thought on your mind, what is the use of the single lock? Well, the single clamp style will reduce the weight of the grips. It will also give you a cozy feeling when you grasp the grips.


The ingredients of the grips are a proper blend of soft and long-lasting elements. The different materials will give a lengthy shock absorber grip for your palm and finger. Whether you will use gloves or not for riding it is your decision. But you don’t need to use any. Because the bike handle grips will not let you feel any slightest pressure on your hand. You will get more grips because the grooves are broader and let you ride continuously, even in damp weather.

Even the installation is not complex at all. The clamps are carbon-friendly mountain bike handlebar ends with plugs.

You can use them on your:

  • All kinds of Mountain
  • Downhill
  • Enduro
  • Cross Country
  • Freeride
  • Trail


The size of the grips is 140mm in length, and the diameter is 31mm. The weight of one pair is approximately 110g.



  • Excellent design
  • An excellent selection for the teenage rider
  • Soft feeling cozy grips
  • A good fit for bigger hands
  • The end plugs are exchangeable
  • Provides the rider a reliable feeling on his grips
  • Option to choose your color from nine colors


  • The locks can break with too much pressure.

FIFTY-FIFTY Single Lock-on Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips



7. BW Chainline Grips

BW Chainline Grips

Can you guess how many colors of bike grips BW Chainline Grips has got? 18, yes, you heard it right. Usually, any vans bike grips brand does not keep so much color variation in their store.


So, which one is your favorite? Pick one from the following colors. Some of the colors are:


  1. Black bike grips
  2. Green bike grips
  3. Lime Green bike grips
  4. Orange bike grips
  5. Orange/Black bike grips
  6. Pink bike grips
  7. Purple/Black bike grips
  8. Teal bike grips


These grips are said to be guaranteed for use. So, the BW Store has offered a guarantee of three months. Otherwise, they will return your money. If you do not want to use this product, you can ask for a refund.


The pattern of the grips is designed in ribbed grip. Non-slippery effects give you a secure connection with your bike.


The rubber utilized to produce the grips can lengthen their lifespan. The mountain bike bar ends cap does not let the grips damage while facing any accidents.


The double lock made from aluminum rings is at both edges of the grips. They do not allow it to roll or slip in any conditions.


The width of the grips is 130mm. Big or small, any size of hand can hold the grips properly.



  • Reliable products for professional riders
  • Calm feelings of cycling with good functioning grips
  • Easy to understand the installation process
  • Compatible with the price
  • Perfect for regular use
  • Strong grips
  • 18 cool colors collection


  • The orange bike grips have got two different colors on each grip separately.

BW Chainline Grips



8. Choose Silicone Bicycle Grips

Choose Silicone Bicycle Grips

Choose bicycle handlebar grips are not designed in only one or two colors. They have followed a design made in the combination of a lot of colors. The colors are:

  • GGS
  • AJT
  • HDS
  • HFK
  • QCS

Pleasant Handle-feel: Choose bicycle handlebar grips provide a satisfying feeling when you hold the grips. It will seem to you that your tiredness has been removed.

The combination of the two ingredients, Silicone and EVA gel, is responsible for these feelings. This Silica gel also can control any sudden wave while riding.

Whether you are a man, boy, or kid, you can use these grips without any doubt.

To prove these grips are trustworthy, you will get a warranty of six months too.

The sizes are:

  • length of the grips is 128 mm
  • The outside diameter is almost 34 mm
  • Inside diameter is nearly 22 .2mm

The weight of a pair of grips is approximately 79g.



  • Suitable for people of any age
  • It comes with a warranty of six months
  • Lovely feelings after using them
  • Fatigue free long riding guarantee
  • Exceptional design to attract youngsters


  • A little bit thinner in density

Choose Silicone Bicycle Grips



9. SENQI Bike Grips

SENQI Bike Grips

SENQI bicycle handlebar grips have three colors in total. But they have nine styles each. They are:


  • Long Grips Black
  • Long and Short Grips Black
  • Long Grips Blue
  • Long and Short Grips Blue
  • Long Grips Red
  • Long and Short Grips Red
  • Short Grips Black
  • Short Grips Blue
  • Short Grips Red


The materials used to produce these grips are a mixture of Aluminum. So, longevity is increased automatically.


The lightweight grips are made from TPR rubber. The quality of the rubber does not let you slip all of a sudden.


The ergonomic style of the grips is very comfy. It reduces the pressure of the nerve in the arm. So, it will take you a long way.


There are a total of three sizes of grips length. They are:

  • 130mmx130mm
  • 130mmx90mm
  • 90mmx90mm

These grips you may apply on your:


  • Mountain bike
  • Folding bike
  • Road bike
  • Fixed gear bike


The weight of this grip is approximately 200gbr.



  • Different styles for different types of bicycles.
  • Excellent locking system for the bike handle cover
  • Both short and long grips are available
  • Cozy feelings after a long ride


  • On the inner side of the grips, there are hard plastics.

SENQI Bike Grips




10. Ergon Bike Grips

Ergon Bike Grips

Ergon MTB grips brand has four unique colors. They are:

  • Moss/Oilslick
  • Frozen Stealth
  • Orange
  • Stealth/Oilslick

There are variations in their sizes too. The three sizes they have are:

  • slim
  • std
  • Standard

The weight of a pair is 0.23 Pounds, and the grip dimensions are 9.84 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches (LxWxH).

These grips are specially built for the quickest gravity riders worldwide. Ergon bikes are manufactured for the broader mountain bike handlebar grips.

The unique feature of these grips is that they can provide enough support to the upper part of the body. They also help to control the position of the rider’s arm in exceptional cases.

When riding over any rough surface, you don’t have to hold the grips too tightly. The unique ingredients of the rubber provide non-slippy grips.

You can ride adequately even if your hands are too wet to hold the grips. The controlling pressure system of your palm of the bike grip cover is a bonus for you.

The pain in your palm can be decreased when you ride on any mountain.

The clamps are made from Aluminium. They adjust the angles of your grips perfectly.

Semi-transparent rubbers have the function of controlling gravity.

The manufacturer has given two years of warranty to increase their reliability.


  • These grips fit correctly on the regular hand size
  • The length of the rubber is sufficient for the bike handle grip cover
  • The remarkable shape makes them attractive
  • Trustworthy for a full day ride
  • Specialized bike grips with Comfortable riding
  • Two years of warranty for these cycle handle cover


  • Less vibration functioning
  • The grips may crack on excessive pressure

Ergon Bike Grips



Bicycle Handlebar Grips Buying Guide

To choose the proper bicycle handlebar grips, you will give importance to the comfort of bicycle grips first. Including that, you also need to consider the following things for buying new best bike grips:

  • Suitable for your body structure
  • Your way of riding
  • The rule you follow to ride


If the quality of your grips is terrible, it will create a lot of obstacles to enjoy your cycling.


The essential things you need to know before buying proper bike handle grips are:


There are many compounds used to manufacture bicycle grips. They may be glassy, soft, rough, or a blend of all of them.


If the compound is a dual one, then there are two types of rubber. One soft layer is made over a hard layer.


The hard part provides a solid grip to hold the bicycle bar ends and gives a non-slippy benefit. The other soft layer, which stays outside, lets you feel very comfy.


But this dual grip is not appropriate for the riders who are habituated to use thin bicycle grips. They should avoid thick grips to feel comfortable. 


Besides thickness, you should also give importance to the length of the bicycle grips. If you overlook this matter before purchasing one pair, you may regret it later.


Perhaps you will find out that your old ones were more or less lengthy than the new ones. If you have got tiny fingers compared to others, then short bicycle grips are the proper fit for you.


How you place your hands on the cycle handle grips will decide the length of them.


Types Of Grips

There are different types of bicycle grips. Some of them are:


The ordinary rubber-covered mountain bike bar ends are a little bit painful to remove.


If the grips are damp, it is a possibility to slip. These grips are cheap too.


The silicon-made bicycle grips have got high shock absorption capability. They are lightweight too.


There are many silicon grips with different diameters and designs with many color varieties.


The lock-on grips are divided into dual or single lock systems. The position of the lock is either on one side if it is a single lock.


In the case of the double lock system, the lock is on two sides of the grips. Locks usually are collars that are made from metals.


This lock-on system is famous for mountain bike handlebar grips mainly.


For bikers who ride a lot of professionals, this lock-on system is an essential one.


Q: Are the dual locks harmonious with the grips?

A: Yes, they are. They are efficient in their field. Adjust the bike grip cover before starting the journey.


Q: I need a short bike handle cover. May I cut the extended body?

A: No. There is no need to cut it out. Tight them properly with the handlebars with the screw.


Q: Do the grips have a terrible smell?

A: No, they don’t. The manufacturer uses aroma to mix up with them and have a slightly tolerable smell.


Q: I have brought a pair of handlebar grips of 130mm and 90mm. But the length of the bar on my cycle is 110mm and 70mm. Will these function correctly?

A: Yes. The grips are easily compatible with any size as they are made from rubber.


Q: Can I buy only the two clamp ends from the grips set?

A: To know this, you have to contact the manufacturer. Because everyone follows different business policies.


Q: Is there any difference between the single and the double lock?

A: The single lock-on is lighter than the dual one. Singl;e locks can provide more comfort to hold the mountain bike handlebar ends.

Last Words

Bicycle handlebar grips play an important role in cycling. These ergonomic bike grips are essential for the professional rider. They need to choose them very carefully.


The best Bicycle Handlebar Grips will always have different features than the others. We have tried to pick bicycle grips that are budget-friendly and secure too.


Besides, we have not forgotten about the comfort you need to ride. People of all ages can use them according to their choice.

What are you waiting for? Choose the bicycle grips that are compatible with your needs and enjoy your ride.

Happy bike riding!

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