Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike Reviews/2021

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike Reviews 2022

A child learns to ride a bike, not in a day. At the first step, Bike is not preferable to it. First of all, a child will ride a balance bike. From here they will learn to balance and steer without the difficulty of paddling. Once they’ve gathered knowledge and skills to ride a bike. Now I have tried to reviews Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike for children.

Benefits of the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike:

Lightweight frame and wheels make it a lot of easier to handle by almost about anyone.

The bike provides the widest range of seat adjustment and has all-time low adjustable seat height.

Wheels are designed to be maintenance-free to resist every kind of ground and facilitate your kids
This bike grows with your kid for its adjustable design.

No tools are required to regulate the seat and handlebars that makes it a lot of convenient and easy because of durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires.

Padded seat and integrated foot-rests offer your kid with a high level of comfort and produce a lot of fun.

For a padded seat and a handlebar pad, it provides an extra level of safety and comfort. That is why the child can ride all day long.

The child can control it better for its toddler-sized grips.

It is perfect for future upgrades such as a foot brake or heavy-duty tires.


Frame- steel

Adjustable seat-12 to 16 inches

Adjustable handlebar-18 to 22 inches

Recommended age-1.5 to 5 years

Weight- 6.7 pounds

Tire: flat-free tires

Product dimensions- 33 x 15 x 22 inches

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Features of Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike:

I have set to travel a step additional and supply you with one thing even additional special – a comprehensive review that touches on everything that comes with the bike. Well, I now will discuss advanced features of the Strider 12 Sport.


You may argue that there are alternative light-weight balance bikes that flood today’s market. However, what makes this balance bike distinctive is that it takes the thought of light-weight construction to the intense.

Actually, the line of work this bike “lightweight” is a real understatement. The simplest word to explain it might be “super lightweight”. Why? As a result of it weighs an astonishingly 6.7 pounds that makes it among the lightest in its category.

But with such a weight, you’ll most likely think that the frame of this bike is made of light-weight aluminum. But it is wrong since this bike provides the durability and sturdiness of a steel frame.

Tool-free adjustment:

You certainly want a bike that doesn’t take a lot of time to adjust seat and handlebars. This is often one thing that you just get in Strider 12 Sport. It’s a balance bike that eliminates the necessity to burden yourself with tools simply to attain that good and comfortable for your kid.

The adjustments are done completely tool-free, that makes this bike convenient to be used near to anyplace.

Adjustable seat and handlebars:

What makes them say that this balance bike grows along with your child? Well, the bike doesn’t grow in a real sense. That means you can adjust to keep up with the wants of your kid. It is set to adapt to the specified match that ensures most comfort and safety.

The changes are created in two parts – the seat and handlebars. The quick-release mechanism permits the peak of the seat and handlebars to be varied to match the wants of various users.

In essence, the adjustable design improves the bike to suit youngster’s ages from 3 to 5 years old. However, you will most likely need to grasp a lot of regarding the user height that this balance bike will accommodate. Well, the bike fits the Childs who is 30 inches to 42 inches tall.

Maintenance-free wheels:

It is terribly irritating having to fix punctures. This balance bike provides the way out of all that. It provides the convenience of maintenance-free 12 inches wheels. That means your kid will venture anyplace because the wheels are designed to wear down every kind of piece of ground. The flexibility makes the complete ride great fun and helps your kid higher his skills on many various surfaces.

With it, your kid has endless prospects to explore and push his balancing and steering skills to the bounds. The wheels offer higher traction that creates slippery surfaces quite simple to tackle. They’re really designed to supply the most effective riding expertise each indoors and outdoors.


I found out earlier that this bike contains a steel frame. That means it’s not simply a plain steel material. The steel is powder coated to produce the specified level of strength and scratch-resistance. The wonderful combination of those two qualities equates to unmatched sturdiness. This permits the bike to last for years and be employed in any quite weather while not the fear of rusty frames.

Strider 12 Sport works well in providing a durable platform for your youngsters to nature their riding skills. Despite the little size, it will support youngsters up to sixty pounds.

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Disadvantages and Verdict:


Some parts just like the fork are vulnerable to corroding if not properly taken care of.

The seat clamp doesn’t offer a good work and shifts slightly.


It has some disadvantages but it’s not accountable. You can buy it. (Link) Otherwise, you can see other similar product and compare with it and then buy. (Link) I lovely suggested to the guardians to buy a helmet, knee elbow, and gloves for your child.

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At last, I can say, Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is one of the best Balance Bike for your child for learning to ride Bike.

I have weighed the ups and downs of Strider balance bike and set that it’s a worthy purchase for a mid-level balance bike. The bike performs well in providing good comfort and is constructed to grow along with your kid. It’s a light-weight bike that won’t produce a trouble once it involves handling.

The bike is priced well for the nice features it provides and that I extremely suggest it for the parent in would like a mid-level bike which will sharpen their kid’s biking skills.

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