Strider – 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike Reviews

Strider – 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike Reviews

Do you want to teach your child for the cycling experience? There is no better way to have them ready to teach cycling experience without teaching them balance. A balance bike is unambiguously designed to coach your kid to try and do over simply balance, however additionally to be able to steer and coordinate completely different muscle movements. It lets the kids commemorate walking or running the bike by merely pushing with their feet. It’s from such fun moments that the children are able to learn the way to balance steer and coordinate. They shortly develop speed associate confidence to ride a regular bike. Strider – 12 Classic is a high rated and high mercantilism balance bike.

Strider – 12 Classics designed is well thought out. It features a pedal-less design in order that the young rider is forced to balance using their feet and initiate motion through kicking/pushing by using a similar feet. I must say, it’s the final word trainer for balance, steering and coordination. Eventually, the child is in a position to cruise quicker and raise their legs as they’re going. Once the bike props, instincts can have the child quickly drop their feet to regain balance. It’s merely the simplest choice for the kid’s balance development.

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Strider – 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike

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Frame – steel

Adjustable seat – 12 to 17 inches

Handlebar height -18.5 inches

Weight – 6.7 pounds

Tire: – flat-free tires

Recommended Age -1.5 to 3 years

Rate – 4.6 out 5 stars

Product dimension- 33 x 15 x 22 inches (L x W x H)

Color- There is four colors like Blue, Green, Pink, and Red.

Pros and Cons:


Bike trains for balance, steering, and coordination

Minimal, no-pedal style permits the child to ride undistracted

Lightweight frame makes riding simple

Simple bike design makes for simple maintenance

Adjustable seat and handlebar for tiny riders

Solid tires ride on any piece of land with no flats

Safe for child


Tools are needed to adjust seat and handlebar; different models offer tools free adjustment.

Features of Strider – 12 classic No-pedal Balance Bike:

Just from the appearance of it, you may tell that this balance bike is in contrast to alternative bikes in an exceedingly variety of how. It actually looks like a high-quality product. The type of performance you’d expect from a balance bike of its stature is solely unbelievable. With wonderful options, thus your kid has fun and learns at a similar time, this needs to be one among the simplest choices for the youngsters to be told their balance, steering and coordination. Here are a number of its outstanding features.


I like this balance bike model of Strider as a result of its extremely light-weight. Its frame is formed of solid metal for endurance; however it’s able to stay light-weight enough for the children to ride comfortably. From the handles, the frame, to the wheels, this bike looks to carry up as good as. Each you and therefore the young rider can appreciate a light-weight design for its ease in pushing. The makers went out of their way to design a bike which will do what it’s meant for. They stripped it of any features that may solely get within the means of the kids’ progress. You’ll agree that the move to form this really light-weight balance bike was genius.

No-pedal design

The Strider – 12 classic appearances is unquestionably easy for its elimination of pedals on the bike. This permits the bike to target the basic aspects of your child’s training; balancing, steering, leaning and coordination. The young rider is in a position to be told to try and do of these things on their own while not the complications and distractions of pedals or training wheels.

By having their feet on the bottom instead of informed the pedals, the kid is in a position to create confidence and progress well. The simple, no-pedal design ensures that the rider takes straightforward strides they’re snug with till they’re able to cycle confidently and artistry.

Solid tires:

Solid tires are usually suggested for the kids’ bikes. Such tires roll well on any quite terrain- each the roughs and therefore the flats. The bike can well ride over piece of land infested with scrap and you won’t need to worry concerning flats or tire pressure happening. You’ll find such to be very easy to take care of, and infrequently do they ever get damaged.

One factor you’ll love about a solid tire on your kid’s bike is that it offers nice comfort even once riding on tough piece of land. And, seeing because the Strider Balance Bike comes with comfy seats, and a nicely soft handlebar, you’re certain that your kid has the foremost comfy riding experience.

Adjustable seat and handlebars:

You’ll love this model as a result of its all-time low seat height. It’s one among the few balance bikes with the youngest starting age. It’s designed for children as young as eighteen months. The toddlers are able to learn balance, on two wheels, at a young age. This truly helps the toddlers learn quicker and gain confidence.

The ability to adjust the seat and bar height to accommodate completely different rider heights is remarkable. This ability to adjust to growing kid makes the bike an excellent selection for the quick growing very little ones. This might be the only bike your kid can have to be compelled to develop their balancing skills, before transcending onto their terribly initial pedal bike.

Safe for child:

Knowing that the kid’s safety is some things no parent is willing to compromise on, the strider classic is tested to the strictest safety standards. It’s designed to be durable and comfy to the kid’s feeling. You won’t need to worry concerning your kid not having the ability to balance on their own on their initial ride.

The seat height is adjustable to the proper height for the children. They’re able to move and stop safely while not falling. The bar is nicely cushiony in order that they don’t fatigue or get blisters for riding too long. Everything was well thought out, and you don’t need to worry regarding your child’s safety whenever they’re on this bike.

Last word

The Strider – 12 Classic No-pedal Balance Bike can have your kid prepared for the particular riding experience on a regular bike with pedals. The young riders are going to be able to learn unobstructed by things like pedals, balance wheels and brakes. This makes their progress in balancing, leaning, steering, and coordinating a lot of faster. They’ll be able to ride a regular bike quicker than you anticipate.

The best issue is that the children truly love riding on this push bike. May be this is often one among the explanations it’s the foremost extremely highly rated push bike. It guarantees high performance and noteworthy results for just below $100. And, the modest value on the tag doesn’t mean quality and sturdiness are compromised. Everything continues to be at the highest of its game. Over that, each you and therefore the youngsters are going to be pleased with this nice push bike.

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