Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch Reviews

Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch Reviews


At first, a child learns to balance and steer by riding Balance Bike without the complexity of pedaling. Schwinn Balance Bike  12-Inch conjures up confidence while teaching the basics of balance. So it is the very good beginner bikes for them. If you have a little child and you would like to present them the primary lessons in biking, and then choose Schwinn Balance Bike.

Why choose balance bikes rather than coaching wheels?:

The most important reason why can buy your kid balance bikes is that of its safety options. Whereas training wheels and tricycles solely teach your child to go ahead, balance bike teaches your kid to achieve balance ahead of you’d imagine.
There are alternative benefits of balance bikes. You’ll pay an excellent family time along whereas your kids develop their bike skills. There are lots of models to choose on from.
Schwinn Balance Bike has five different model balance bikes.
But during this article, I am only gonna review The Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch.

Products details:

Frame- steel.
Seat height-14 to 16.5 inches
Standby height-15 inches
Recommended age- 3 to 4 years
Weight- 10.5 pounds
Tire: air tires; 12 inches
Bolts: Rounded
Rated- 4.1 out of 5

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Features of Schwinn Balance Bike


The first issue that we’d prefer to state is its design. It’s ergonomically designed that’s lovable from each old and children. This balance bike comes with tons of features. The most exciting a part of this bike is its distinctive foot to floor design.

There’s no chance to add pedal during this bike. This is completely a pedal-less bike.

The technology they employed in planning this bike makes them stand out from the remainder. It’s additionally mechanics that produces it straightforward for a child to push through higher grounds. It makes it terribly straightforward for the children to learn steering and balance


Schwinn 12 inch bike has footrest feature that produces this bike additional good. The footrest is actually very important for a toddler’s bike. Footrest helps toddler’s to keep their balance.
Without footrest the experience of gliding and equalization once riding a toddler’s bike is uncomfortable.
In a word, Footrest increases the comfort of riding a balance bike


Schwinn Balance Bike, 12 inch has come to the market with four type of colors which are Blue, Green, Pink, and Red.
You can choose your perfect one from here.

Recommended Age:

This bike may be used for a toddler who is 3 to 4 years old. The seat height ranges from 14″ to 16.5 years. Though it should appear too big of a bike for a toddler, it’s ideal and suitable for preschoolers.
If you have got a 3.5-years old kid with a 16.5-inch inseam size then this bike can for certain be a good fit. The height of your child and the inseam size varies from kids to kids.
A two year recent with a 13-inch inseam in size won’t be a good fit. Though you set the seat settings to lowest, it’ll still be too high for a 2-year-old.
A two-year-old with a 15-inch inseam size is going to be an ideal work on low seat setting.


The frame of this bike is created from steel. This makes it heavier than most alternative bikes on the market. However not means that your child can’t handle them. This bike may be simply controlled by a 2-year-old child. However, we’d suggest this bike for the 3-year-old child. If you finding out a light-weight balance bike then you can choose from Cruzee or Strider

Seating Position:

The seat and also the handlebars square measure showing neatness positioned. The distance between them offers your kid ample space to move their legs or fold them up. From the experience, we will ensure that they’re well researched. It makes it preferable for ride and balance.
Toddlers will simply management it. Though the kid is around two years, it won’t be any difficulty for him/her. The seat is handily set and conjointly adjustable. These adjust the bike to grow together with your kid. No tools needed to regulate the seat height.

Toddlers will simply manage it.


Unlike alternative balance bikes, the handlebar on this bike is correctly aligned with the seating arrangements. We’ve seen customers complain concerning unaligned handlebars. However as so much this bike is bothered, there was no single criticism relating to this issue. In a word, the handlebar features a nice victim.


Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch uses 12-Inch air tires and tubes. These tires commonly employed in pedal bikes. They’ll additionally offer additional grip and traction than foam tires.
For out of doors surfaces air tires are very well. Even on rough roads and unsmooth surfaces, they’ll glide swimmingly.


Schwinn Balance Bike assembly is pretty straightforward. The manufacturers offer the required tool for assembling this bike. You’ll get to attach the tires and handlebars and also the slide within the seat. It won’t take over a quarter-hour to assemble this bike. If you have got never assembled a bike before, then it won’t take over half an hour. As a matter of reality, the assembly is very easy.


The Schwinn Balance Bike is made of high-quality material. All the parts of this bike are rust-proof and toxic. The bearings and tires are top-notch


The applied science style of this bike provides the most protection for your kid. Because of its wide tube style, it prevents scratches to legs and knees. This bike doesn’t have any sharp and damaging edges. Though your kid falls into their learning method they won’t get hurt. For a lot of safety options, we’d suggest you have got a helmet and knee elbow. Safety gears are needed for a child.

Pros, Cons, and, Verdict:

Seat height and handlebar are adjustable.
Seat height and handlebar can be raised.
Seat is padded
Air tires and tube are simple.
Attractive Footrest design
Easy scanty frame
Durable material
Pneumatic Tires
Easy to assemble
Easy step-in frame

Although the manufacturers claim that this bike is appropriate for a 2-year-old. However, in point of fact, it’s an ideal match for a 3-year-old child. The seat could be a little high for a child.
Because of air tires sometimes you will face maintenance problems.

Though its frame is heavy, you can buy because it is well made. (Link) Otherwise, you can choose a similar product which is lighter and then buy. (Link) I lovely suggest to the guardians to buy a helmet, knee-elbow, and gloves for your child with it.


Do you want to know about other Schwinn accessories?
They additionally create bike helmets. The Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet is the right add-on accessory with a Schwinn bike.
For your child’s safety, you’ll even have a glance at their Schwinn Child’s Pad Set with Knee Elbow and Gloves.
They’re additionally extremely popular among parents and suitable for children.


If you’re trying to find a balance bike that will be passed down from child to child then Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch ought to be an excellent choice to select from.
It offers the simplest worth of cash. And that is why it’s extremely popular among the customers.
This bike resembles a full-sized pedal bike however compact in size. The materials have an equivalent quality although.
We hope that you will like this text on Schwinn Balance Bike Reviews. Leave a comment below and allow us to understand what you’re thinking that of this bike

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