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Pello ripple balance bike: Best Balance Bike

The kids ride the ripple balance bike like a regular bike but are powered by a child’s running legs rather than a paddle. Putting your child on a ripple bike teaches them how to maintain balance. They love to get the experience of riding a real bike safely! Balance bikes are also known as running bikes or toddler push bikes. These bikes are not only easy to ride, but also easy to learn how to ride a bike while maintaining balance. Children take this bike as a toy, which is why they ride it easily and, of course, in a fun way.

Ripple balance bikes are wonderfully made and feature the best of the best components. Let’s dig into the ripple balance bike’s different components.

Pello Ripple Balance Bike Review

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Components of a ripple balance bike:

  1.   Height and weight: The balance bike has a super low stand-over height and an incredibly lightweight, which helps a child to control and carry the bike easily.

The average seat height range is 11.25″–15.5″. If you are thinking “how do you determine the proper seat height for a balance bike?” Then the answer is that a balance bike’s seat should be set 0.5″ to 1″ less than the child’s inseam. So if your child’s inseam is 14, then you have to look for a bike with a minimum seat height of no higher than 13.5″. However, wheel size and seat height are the two things that determine the size of a balance bike.

  1. Structure: The Ripple Balance Bike features lightweight aluminum construction. In total, it weighs about 8–9 pounds, which is quite easy to move for the little ones. Children gain more confidence when they find out they can easily move the bike and get into it.

Your little one will be happy when he or she can pick up, mount, and ride this bike because of its lightness. It glides very easily when pushed.

  1.   Wheels and Tires: To give the best experience of riding a ripple bike, the most eye-catching components are the wheels and tires. Your child can ride this ripple bike on any kind of surface because of the attractive wheels and tires. The Ripple balance Bike tires provide the best traction on muddy and slippery surfaces because they are well treading.

Usually, the majority of balance bikes feature plastic rims and foam tires. Only a few bikes have steel rims and air tires. And the Pello Ripple Bike is one of them. Foam tires offer no cushioning and less traction than air tires.

If your child is planning on riding on any surface other than pavement, then air tires are a worthwhile upgrade. Your child won’t feel any bumps and jumps in the park and can experience a safe journey.

  1. Wheels structure: The wheels are built on durable aluminum rims with steel spokes. The ripple bike features a 12″ 2.5″. The contact tires are wide and have a good grip. The contact tires provide the best traction on paved surfaces and mild terrain and give the little one the best experience of riding!
  1.   Effective Hand Break: The ripple bike has a good quality hand break. A hand brake is very effective for young children because it can save them from any accident! Imagine if your child is running a bike at a high speed and they find it difficult to control the bike by using their feet.

It can be dangerous for them, and they can lose confidence if they can’t control the bike easily. Generally, most bikes do not have a hand brake, but the Pello Ripple bike has an effective hand brake to control the speed.

  1.   Tetra v-brake: The Ripple has the Tetra v-brake, which is known as one of the best bike brakes. Moreover, it applies to the bike’s rear tire. There is also a key so that the brake lever can be adjusted smoothly and make it easier to pull. 

Children can easily stop their bikes and control them by using hand breaks. In a balance bike, kids use their feet to stop the bike, but if your child is moving the bike at a high speed, they use their feet to bring it to a halt.

  1.   Adjustable Rotating Handlebars: One of the main attractions of the Ripple Bikes is the rotating handlebars. The ripple bike will ensure that your child can ride the bike according to his or her wishes. Three rotating handlebar positions will determine the riding experience for your child.
  • The highest rotating position. The Pello Ripple Balance Bike is one kind of balance bike for children. A balance bike is a pedal-less bike with two wheels. These bikes are designed to give your little children the best experience of riding.
  • Lowest rotating position.
  • Center position.

If your child is riding the bike for the first time and doesn’t have experience in any rotating position, then go for the center position. This position will help them to learn about the basic position of the ripple balance bike.

Children from age 2-to 3 years who can sit upright go for the tallest position. It will give them more confidence when riding a bike when they are timid.

The lowest position is for the young champs who are adventurous and want to have fast riding experience. But you have to ensure that your child is learning. Although this position allows your child to enjoy the ride the most!

  1.   Headset: Another main component of the Pello Ripple Bike is the good quality of the headset. A headset will ensure that your child can ride the bike safely and enjoy the riding experience in a fun way. The headset reflects the responsiveness of the bike. The Ripple bike’s headset has the best manufacturer and is also known as the Cane Creed Headset. It does not require repairs every time with damaging issues.

Wearing a headset will ensure the safety of little ones and they can enjoy the ride as much as they want to.

Pro features:

  • It has wide air tires to avoid bumps and jumps.
  • It has a cane creek headset to tackle everything and the children feel safe.
  • It has an effective hand brake to control the speed.
  • The adjustable seat and perfect handlebar height make the Ripple bike perfect.
  • It’s easy to climb and get off the bike.

Concerning factors.

  • The bike is slightly more expensive than other balanced bikes because of its high quality of components.
  • Sometimes it is too heavy for children to carry.
  • It sometimes doesn’t offer a great range of seat height compared to other balanced bikes.

Indoor and gym use of the ripple bike

This balance bike is ideal for indoor play as well. We used it for several weeks inside our house. From our experience, we can say that we did not notice any marks on our hardwood floors. It is also confirmed by the neighbor, who has a tiled floor.

The wheels are made of a rubber-like material over plastic, which is why they roll smoothly on packed surfaces and provide a decent amount of traction, especially when compared with other balance bikes with plastic-like wheels.

That said, it is not recommended to use the bike for any serious outdoor riding. For riding on uneven sidewalks, on grass, gravel, or dirt, it is highly recommended to choose a bike with pneumatic tires instead.

Cheap pricing as well.

Its construction is better than most bikes at this price point. A lot of balance bikes under $100 are cheaply made, lack durability, and are downright dangerous.

The ripple balance bike is not one of them. I can easily recommend this bike and sleeps well at night. The construction is solid, the bearings in the wheels spin smoothly, and the bike won’t end up in a landfill a month from now.

The seat and handlebars are easily adjustable.

The seat height can be easily adjusted without the use of tools thanks to a screw knob that allows you to lock the seat into various holes in the seat post. We appreciate this since it seems like kids often grow overnight and it’s a pain to constantly pull out a tool to adjust the seat post. Overall, this is a fun bike for young toddlers.

The Ripple balance bike provides a fun and easy introduction to bicycles for your toddler. It has a low minimum seat post height, is light in weight, and its innovative double rear wheel makes it superior to most balance bikes for learning to ride.

It is better suited to indoor and gym riding than outdoor biking. Once kids become more athletic and aggressive, then they are better off with a real bike. Even then, however, the Pello Ripple remains a fun toy to play with inside the playroom.

Pello Ripple balance bike, 9″ 

The iconic Dual Rear Wheels are very suitable and enjoyable to ride and will make your toddler the happiest child. Help your kids learn the essential first skills needed to ride a bike on this bike. The ripple balance bike allows kids to practice with a stable 9″ double-width wheel before switching to a single wheel as they build confidence.

Choose the best bike for your kid.

It is hard enough at the beginning to learn to ride a bike. Picking the best-sized bike is a little bit difficult for your children. So, it should be you to choose the right-sized bike according to the wheel size and the frame size according to your kid’s age.

Don’t choose a too big or too small balancing bike because it will cause problems with balancing for your kid. As a result, finding the right size wheels to fit their measurements is critical. There’s also the growth spurt factor, which can quickly render a bike unsuitable after only a few years. When you’re choosing a kid’s bike for your child, kid’s bike sizing is all about the wheels.


At what age should a child get a ripple balance bike?

Balance bikes are perfect for children aged 18 months to 5 years. When a child gets their first balance bike, they may walk the bike holding the handlebars, and eventually, they will learn how to keep the balance with their feet.

The balance bike is a great way to boost your child’s confidence as they can run the bike with the help of their legs. You can then teach your child to push and glide after they feel more confident, gaining momentum by lifting the legs. The main point in determining whether a balance bike is suitable for your little one is the length of their legs, not their age.

If a child can touch the ground, then they will feel confident enough to ride the bike on their own. So, if you’ve got a child aged between 18 months and 5 years and able to touch the ground with their legs, then your child is ready to ride a balance bike.

Is ripple bike easiest to balance?

There are lots of bikes available on the market that can be suggested as the easiest bikes to balance. But I would like to suggest the Ripple Balance Bike. There are some compelling reasons to recommend that bike. It hides a very gorgeous design with a fine structure of simplicity. It is also the most popular balance bike on the market nowadays. It is very easy to assemble. Also, a wide range of size adjustability is offered with a lightweight of 7 pounds approximately and a low, 8-inch stand-over height for easier balance. That is why it is suggested to follow a path where your toddler can balance properly.

Is it worth getting a balance bike?

The only thing on a balance bike that needs to be maintained is the gears. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about your kids with a balance bike, and they are much safer for very young children too. As it is one of the most unique featured bikes, it is worthy to give a shot. I can assure you with the experiences that you won’t be disappointed while having a balance bike. And that is why balance bikes are great when you want to teach your kids to ride.

Do kids need balance bikes?

A balance bike could be the best option for you as you are looking to help your toddler learn some skills. It is the best tool for helping your toddler develop their gross motor skills. According to Kid Sense Child Development, learning balance and coordination is important for preventing injury, developing self-regulation, and also developing a foundation for future development of fine motor skills.

Should toddlers wear helmets on balance bikes?

The simplest answer to this question could be “Yes.” In the beginning, they became too excited to ride the bike. That’s how they can get up to too much speed that can’t be handled. Wearing a helmet will make them safe, and your life will be much easier when you move them up to a “proper” bike and they are already used to wearing a helmet.

When your child has grown up and needs some modifications on the little balance bike, you may simply modify the frame of the Little Big Flips to raise the seat height and handlebars to transform it into a larger balance bike. Then, if your child is ready for the pedals, make the pedals attach to the bike, and it will be prepared for him to ride again. That is why your little rider needs to ride a bike with a helmet.

Why do balance bikes not have brakes?

Balance bikes have a low saddle and also have a lower center of gravity than paddle bikes. That is how it should prevent them from going over the handlebars. However, you should teach your child to wear a helmet as a precaution and for safety. Having both front and rear brakes allows kids to get confidence in slowing and stopping the bike, especially when it is time to start with the pedals.

Does my child need bike stabilizers?

A stabilizer could be much better for younger riders who have not mastered the skills yet. Bike stabilizers are the little wheels that sit on either side of the back wheel so they can sit on the bike without falling off. Stabilizers are usually needed for kids who are between the ages of 3 and 5. But more adventurous kids might find that they can get by without them sooner. It should be remembered that there is no pressure for kids to lose their stabilizers because some kids get their balancing skills later than others. That is why your child needs a bike stabilizer.

What happens if they are in between wheel sizes?

If you find out your kid is struggling for a comfortable seat but also looks too big for one wheel size, then it is always recommended to go for the larger size. After all, they will grow into the bike. They will grow more confident as they get used to riding a larger bike. Be careful of planning for the future too much, though, as buying a large kid’s bike for them to ‘grow into’ may put them off riding altogether if they are struggling to get the hang of it.

If you are not okay with the size after buying the bike and giving it a test ride, then just bring it back to the store. In most cases, the bike will probably need a couple of easy adjustments to the seat or handlebars to make things easier, and our in-store bike experts can sort this out for you pretty fast.

Do you need training wheels after balancing your bike?

The transition to a pedal bike is much easier than it looks. Ripple Balance bike graduates do not need training wheels because a balance bike teaches a child to ride a bike. Many parents do believe that training wheels will train a child to ride a bike, which is not true.

What’s next after having a ripple balance bike?

With time, your child will mature, and balance bike graduates will learn to shift their weight and fall on a pedal bike as well. But for the first month or so on a pedal bike, the kids generally take it easy and mainly focus on pedaling while steering and balancing.

How long should you balance a bike?

Normally, children who grew up with good control of a ripple balance bike will be ready to transition to a pedal bike by around 4 years of age. However, with a well-coordinated child who started on a ripple balance bike early, this can occur even at the age of 3.

What age is a ripple balance bike for?

There are several kinds of models for kids ages 6 months and up to adults. Ripple balance bikes are available in 12′′, 14′′, 16′′, and 20′′ models from a variety of online and offline retailers. 

What height should a balance bike be?

To determine the proper seat height for a ripple balance bike, the bike’s seat should be set 0.5′′ to 1′′ lower than the child’s inseam. If their inseam is 13 inches, you should look for a bike with a minimum seat height of 12.5.

Final Words

There are many online platforms where you may find the spare parts for the balance bike. It is very much important to know about the platforms where you can find those parts. There are also some available home delivery services. Pello Ripple balance bike could be the best buy for your kid where you can have the first initiate to make your kid skilled.

There are also many colors available for your toddlers that they may like. There are some options such as pink, yellow, blue, black, etc. The most common colored bikes could be the pink balance bike and the black balance bike. It is also very famous for most toddlers’ preferences.

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