Puky balance bikes review

Puky balance bikes are well known for child-friendly, step-through frames and it also features particularly child-friendly ergonomics.

With fresh designs for 2019 and bikes beginning from those who are two year olds, there ought to be something for everybody!

Here we will review the range of Puky balance bikes in detail. We have reviewed each model, the suitable range, the size of bike and distinguishing features in this content.

Puky LR1 Balance Bike

Puky LR1 makes it easy to teach your child how to ride a bike. Built to teach balance first, the Puky LR1 does not have any brakes or pedals. Rather, children can concentrate on the most significant part of riding a bike before stressing over accelerating.

The Puky LR1 is viewed as the best balance bike available due to its shortsighted design and easy usability. Since it has an adjustable seat, your kid can develop into the bike as they age before it is passed on to a sibling.

In spite of not having brakes, guardians are not worried about safety that the Puky LR1 isn’t intended to arrive at high speeds. By utilizing their feet to accumulate a little bit of speed, the rider will at that point have the option to lift their legs and spotlight on keeping the bicycle upstanding.

Audits give positive imprints to the Puky LR1 due to its excellent build quality that makes it conceivable to utilize the balance bike with more than one child. Using a balance bike like the Puky LR1 means that your child won’t have to learn to ride with training wheels. Instead, the Puky LR1 allows the young rider to adjust to balance at their own rate before moving on to a larger bike without any stabilizers.

The minimum height of Puky LR1 is 90cm, with an inside leg of 35cm. It comes with soft foam tires and a kickstand. The larger frame and kickstand bring this bike in at 11.02 pounds.


Item Weight – 11.02 pounds

Saddle height – 34 to 45cm

Recommended Age – 3+ years

Dimensions – 31.5 x 23.6 x 5.1 inches

Child Height – 90 cm (Min)

Child Inseam – 35 cm (Min)

Tires – Foam

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Puky LR 1L Br Balance Bike

Are you starting to comprehend the Puky naming shows? If yes then you can work out that the LR 1L BR is essentially the LR 1L with the addition of a child specific rear brake.

Puky LR 1L BR is the same frame size as Puky LR1, but comes equipped with a rear brake. This is a touch of significant piece, yet basically it offers all of the features of the LR1 balance bike.  Puky LR 1L BR balance bike is Puky’s best selling model.

Some guardians like the addition of brakes, others feel their child is too young to use them properly and stick with the LR 1L.

This implies the low stage, pneumatic tires and height adjustable saddle starting at 35cm all come as standard with this bicycle, so we think it is extremely worth considering for kids sure on their feet

The most ideal route is for the children figuring out how to adjust a bicycle. They can change to a normal bike without using extra preparing wheels.

Likewise significant is a brake, so that they have practice from the very beginning


Item Weight – 13.21 pounds

Recommended Age –

Dimensions – 34.2 x 11.8 x 15.3 inches

Saddle height – 34 to 45cm

Child Height – 90 cm (Min)

Child Inseam – 35 cm (Min)

Tires – Pneumatic

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