What Is a Balance Bike? | A Comprehensive Guide of Balance Bike

How to Use a Balance Bike? | Teach Your Child to Ride a Balance Bike Easily


The balance bike is the thing that you should provide to your child to make them familiar with the bike. Riding a pedal bike requires a great sense of balance and also the combination of handlebar turn and pedal, which a child would not have at an early age. And that is why they need a balance bike so that they can learn to balance and turn the front wheel slowly. However, only the bike won’t do it all. Your child will need to teach them How to Use a Balance Bike? And today, I am going to show the easiest steps that have helped a lot of parents teaching their infant riding balance bike.

So here we go.

Steps in Teaching Your Child to Use a Balance Bike

One main reason why you should follow this very guide is, the motive is to help you to teach your kid riding a balance bike with no harm. Your kid might end up hurting their knee or other body parts if proper precaution is not taken.

There are other things to that as a parent or mentor you should keep in mind. This article will tell you about everything in detail. So have a look below

1.    Choosing the Right Bike

One of the most important steps. There are different types of balance bike for different age levels. You can’t expect a 4-year-old baby to learn to balance with a bike which is meant for 7 to 8 years old babies.

You have to go for the one that perfectly suits your child, otherwise, your child is going fall more than expected and will lose hope at a time.

Do you know how to choose the right balance bike? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. We have an in-depth guide of choosing the right balance bike for your kid and also have featured top balance bikes of the markets.

2.    Needed Protective Gears

Do not compromise anything when it comes to your infant’s safety, even very little things matter here. Since they are new to bikes, so they are highly prone to injuries.

Right before you give them the freedom to ride the bike, make them familiar with all the protective gear and make sure they wear it.

Give them a colorful, nice looking helmet, it will protect their head from injuries. The reason you should choose a colorful helmet is that kids love colorful things. So If he or she loves the color of the helmet, they will always wear it.

The most common injuries that kinds encounter during the balancing period are elbow and knee injury. In order to learn perfectly, they have to fall a couple of times but it is not necessary to get hurt.

Pick a pair of colorful kid elbow and knee pad, doesn’t matter how hard they fall, their knees and elbows will be safe.

Your kid might not want to wear these protective gear after a few days but you have to make sure that they wear it.

3.    Introduce All the Bike Parts to Them

You have to introduce all the bike parts and tell them which part does what. Tell them about the steering, teach them to turn that left, right.

If the balance bike comes with a braking system, tell them to squeeze the brake. Teach them to ring the bell. Teach them how they are supposed to seat on the bike.

4.    Make Your Kid Walk with The Bike

Kids will take a longer time to learn balancing bike, it won’t happen overnight. You have to make your kid practice daily with the bike in order to see quick improvement.

However, the very first thing you would want to do is, help your kid stand by bike and walk with it. See, this is why you need the right bike. The bike weight should be lower or similar to your baby’s weight. Not more.

Otherwise, they won’t be able to handle it.

Moving on, in the beginning, you have to hold the bike a bit and let your kid walk with the bike that would make them used to the bike so that they will be able to handle the bike better.

5.    Let The Kid Sit and Walk

When you see that they can easily walk with the bike now it’s time to move on to the next one. Help your kid to sit on the saddle and balance the bike. Here you have to choose the right saddle height.

The height should be in a position where your kid can easily touch the ground. When your kid sits on the bike, push the bike a slowly from the behind and tell your kid to walk by sitting on the saddle.

6.    Let Your Kid Run

This might get tough for you. If you, not a person who jogs regularly, then this is definitely going to be hard for you. In this phase, you have to allow your kid to run with the bike.

At the beginning don’t leave them alone, you have to cope with your kid’s running speed, otherwise, the kid would be afraid of pushing the bike forward.

And surely, there is a high risk that your kid might fall but if they are protected with all the protective gear then there is nothing to be worried off.

Let your kid repeat this process. They will fall and you are the one who would motivate them to get up and run again.

By repeating this process couple of times, your kid will automatically be able to balance and glide the bike, maybe not nice at the beginning but it will get better with time.


As a parent, you have to stay strong in this. If you don’t let them go with the balance bike just because they would fell and get hurt, that would be a big mistake. In that way, your kid won’t learn to do things on their own.

However, hope this guide helps you to teach your kid riding a balance bike. For any kind of query don’t hesitate to knock me via the comment section. Goodbye!!!


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