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How to Install Handlebars on Glide Bikes?

The Benefits of Balance Bikes for your lovely kids

I’m going to show you How to install handlebars on Glide Bikes?. Your mini glad take a look this right. Here is our mini glider and the handlebar should have a plastic covering on the end that thing should come off. If not just loosen this top screw right here and that should free up the wedge nut and the cover should fall off. Now you’re going to want a little bit of space between the wedge nut and the bottom of the handlebars just for putting them in. so you just unscrew it a little bit just give it a little bit of space.

okay, are you gonna want to line your tire up but to insert your handlebars. It’s like so line up your tire sometimes holding between your knees works. I’m standing up right now. So I can’t do that you can slide them all the way in okay once you’re pretty comfortable with where your handlebars are. You’re gonna want to retighten thirteen-millimeter nut up here at the top and make sure that that’s very tight all right that’s my right handlebar seems to be lined up. Now we just replace the pad. That’s all the How to install handlebars on Glide Bikes?

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