Guideline to Choose the Best Balance Bike for 3-Year-Old

Guideline to Choose the Best Balance Bike for 3-Year-Old


You have a 3-year-old child and you want to teach it balance and steering. Now you are trying to choose the best Balance Bike which will fit them perfectly. But, you have no skill to choose the best balance bike for 3-year-old but want to buy the best one. Well, don’t worry; just follow guideline one by one. I think you’ll be able to choose the best balance bike as like as an expert.

Firstly, you have to make decision how much you are willing to pay for the balance bike. Actually it is depended on your budget.
If your budget doesn’t give enough money to pay then you go for low-price however quality balance bike. Make sure that you get the best in this low-price. However, if you’ve got over you would like you’ll be able to explore those qualities, high-end models.

Secondly. you have to attentive to the Brand. Well, they’re quite several and boast of multiple models that number to the lots of. However, you wish to understand that not all of them give same quality. Select brands that have lot of customer trust and have operated for long. Strider, KaZAM, Cruzee, High Bounce and Firstbike are unit among the top brands to consider.

Thirdly, you will keep your eye on balance bikes size. Generally balance bike are offered 10 to 20 inch tires. For 3 years old child 14 inch balance bike is perfect. You can choose those 12 inch ties which has an extra long seat post.

Then, you will see balance bikes weight. By rule of thumb, the balance bike shouldn’t weight over thirty percent of your kid’s weight. In details, you have a child weight 100 lbs then you can go ahead for 30 lbs weighted balance bike. An honest suggestion would be to buy for a light-weight balance bike for your 3-years old child.

Balance Bikes for 3 years old:

Now, come back to the proper place. During this article, we also have a tendency to review the balance bikes for 3 years old and description the advantages and therefore the features that build them stand out from the rest.
We know it will be quite challenge obtaining the dream balance bike that may place a smile within the face of your kid. Moreover, we all know that not all of us have enough money to spare on those luxurious models. That is why; we’ve set to try to our choice supported affordability and quality.
This will make sure you to induce a worthy purchase that will profit you and your child. You’ll be asking, what models of Balance Bike will we have in stock for you? Well, scan additional and determine for yourself. Well, read further and find out your chosen Balance Bike from our picks.

Comparison table of Balance Bikes for 3 years old

Strider - 12 Pro5.3 lbsAluminum12-inchPneumatic (air)
Balance - 12 Sports11 lbsSteel12-inchPneumatic (air)
Critical Cycles Cub9 lbsSteel12-inchAirless Foam
High Bounce6.5 lbsSteel12-inchEVA airless
KaZAM v2e8 lbsSteel12-inchEVA airless
Cruzee Ultralight Air4.8 lbsAluminum12-inchPneumatic (air)
Strider -12 Sport
Bixe Extreme Light
4 lbsAluminum12-inchFoam
RoyalBaby 12 inch13.0 lbsSteel12-inchPneumatic (air)

Reviews of the top 5 balance bikes for 3 year old

1. Strider – 12 pro Balance Bike

There is an opportunity that you just might have bought and used other models designed by Strider. The primary issue to notice is that all of them are available in a light-weight construction. However, Strider – 12 pro takes light-weight construction to new heights.

This bike weights only 5.3 pounds that makes it the lightest among the multiple models that the Strider has to offer. The bike includes a durable aluminum frame that’s finished in a lovely silver color. Its weight capacity is 60 pounds. You can change the seat height through an easy quick-release mechanism. The handlebars are often clamped to a given height to supply the specified comfort.

The bike has 12-inch light-weight tires that are designed to last for extended. The tires are flat-free and supply higher grip. This balance bike comes with a number plate to add to the fun. It’s specially designed for 2 to 5 years old child.

Aluminum frame
Adjustable Seat height
12-inch light-weight tires
Extremely light-weight balance bike
An extra long seat post included

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2. Balance – 12 Sport Balance Bike

Balance – 12 Sport Bike gives your kid a chance to figure out how to balance and steer, which are the center components in riding a bike. The seat and handlebar are adjustable. It is adjusted for 3 to 5 years ages child, or a 14 to 20″ inseam. Balance – 12 Sport comes furnished with a padded seat giving comfort so they can ride throughout the day. You and your child find its seat comfortable after comparing with other brands. It utilize tires which are solid air pneumatic tires making riding smoother. On the off chance that you have any troubles you have opportunity resolve those troubles you may have with your bike by the bike company. The bicycles accompany a year warranty against producer defects, yet in the event that you have any troubles, you can communicate for help with the company via email [email protected]

Adjustable seat height
Durable air tires
Rear hand brake
Recommended age – 3 to 6 years

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3. Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike

Cultivate your child’s confidence and save yourself the frustrations with this balance bike from Critical Cycles. It’s perpetually been featured among the most effective balance bike for 3 years child.
The bike weighs at 9 lbs and comes with a durable powder-coated steel frame. It provides an ideal platform for your children to boost their balance and steering skills.

Adjustable seat height and therefore the handlebars will be set to a specific height to eliminate any strain throughout the ride. Its 12-inch tires of this balance bike are airless and so that it is maintenance free. The tires are specially made to adapt to any reasonably piece of ground and are broad enough to add to the stability of the bike. Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike could be a excellent match for 18 months to 5 years old kid.

Durable powder-coated steel frame
Easy to assemble and maintenance free
Adjustable bar and seat height
Airless and flat-free tires
Adjustable handlebar and seat height
Relax able footrests

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4. High Bounce Balance Bike

This balance bike has been an excellent success on the market since its release. It packs new exciting options that provide your kid a lifetime ride.

The bike is thirty five inches long measured from wheel to wheel. It’s adorned during an excellent mix of matching colors that build it quite fascinating to the eyes. The bike weighs at solely 6.5 lbs for easy maneuvering and lifting.

It has an industrial silver frame which will support kid’s deliberation up to 70 lbs. The seat is adjustable and might be elevated from 11 to 16 inches. This bike provides the convenience of footrests to make sure that the feet don’t tire throughout those long rides.

They grip well and roll simply to supply sleek rides. High Bounce Balance Bike provides the security of a handbrake to confirm instant stop. It’s a suggested choice for teenagers UN agency area unit a pair of years and higher than.

The tires are manufactured from heavy-duty rubber and are puncture proof. They grip well and roll simply to produce smooth rides. High Bounce Balance Bike provides the protection of a handbrake to make sure instant stop. It’s a suggested choice for children who are 2 years and above.

Metal frame that support kids weighing up to 70 pounds
Adjustable seat height (11” to 16”)
EVA airless tires
Special and exclusive hand brake
Lightweight construction (6.5 lbs)

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5. KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

For those that haven’t seen a balance bike in life, the KaZam balance bikes unique design could appear uncommon to newbie viewers. The KaZam v2e sports a brand new and improved frame style that enhances its ergonomic footrest and permits for correct feet placement. Its classic nevertheless up to date charm triggers your small tot to require on the bike while not feeling fearful! The flat-free EVA tires incur no quantity of maintenance and vouch for your child’s safety on uneven terrains.

At simply eight pounds, the bike is light-weight and easy to maneuver at the fast turns and bends of roads. Each the mini-saddle and therefore the handlebars are adjustable, thereby belongings your child grow into the bike effortlessly whereas learning to keep up a gradual posture throughout the ride. The sole criticism with this bike is that it’s a small amount too dear. However, the price is basically worth it because the KaZam v2e has been designed with high standards of safety and quality.

Special footrest design
Adjusted and comfy seat and handlebars
Puncture proof EVA tires
Total weight 8 lbs only

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Last word:

Getting the best bike for 3 years old doesn’t need to be that tough. You don’t have to sweat or pay quite you’ll be able to afford. All you would like to try to be simply followed the above mentioned guide and you will be good to go and also the smartest thing is that we have a tendency to have already got you coated by providing our greatest choice in balance bikes for 3 year-old kids. Thus make a decision and decide which one will be a perfect match for your kid.

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