GOMO Balance Bike Review

GOMO Balance Bike Review

You want to teach balance and steering at the pre-biking age of your child. To do that: You need a balance bike that should be light and simple to carry, should be sturdy and obviously, should be an attracting design for children to ride. For this GOMO balance bike is appropriate. It is Strong, Light, Safe and Cool. Furthermore, It’s Adjustable. Now I will review here GOMO balance bike.


Frame – steel

Weight – 8.5 pounds

Weight capacity – 60 pounds.

Adjustable seat – 12 to 17 inches

Adjustable inseam – 13 to 19 inches

Tire Size : – 12 inch

Tires and Rims : – plastic rims and smooth rolling EVA foam tires

Recommended Age -1.5 to 3 years

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The features of GOMO Balance Bike:

Safety for Toddlers :

The GOMO comes packed with the core safety features that guardians love most. The Turn Limiter offers control while kids learn to steer in a straight line.

Furthermore, as they find speed, balance and freedom, the Custom Footrest gives them a chance to put their toes out of the way.

You won’t be worrying about wheels falling off, because the GOMO installed strong Through-Wheel Axles as prevention.

The Padded Seat gives kids a chance to hit their first modest ‘off-road knocks’ without jostling, while the ABS Plastic Finish limits rub.


GOMO signifies “Get out more often”, so GOMO has made this kids balance bike 6.4 pounds – light enough to do precisely that! Little children can lift and drag it, simply as they can scoot along.


Packed with safety features, the GOMO is kitted out with safe ABS plastic completions for less scrapes to the bike… and your children! Accessible in four distinctive 2-Tone Color Combos, pick the one they believe is the coolest! The GOMO additionally accompanies a total 2-year Manufacturing Warranty.


Disregard exhausting single colors, the GOMO comes in 4 funs, that’s: Blue and Yellow, Green and Black, Pink and Aqua, and Red and Orange. What’s more, look at it – they even get cool ‘enormous children’s illustrations as well! Choose their most loved color.

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