Glide Kid’s Balance Bikes Review

Who needs training wheels when you can hop on a glide bike and learn how to ride the fun and easy way with the gold glider by glide bikes experience? The thrill of riding a two-wheeled bike and test your limits with tricks jumps and on and off-road adventures. The go glider helps kids build confidence while taking part in a fun and healthy activity kids love gliding. So much that even after they learn to ride a bike they want to glide. So pick one up today from this article Glide Kid’s Balance Bikes Review and get moving.

The Go Glider helps children to gain confidence, improve balancing skills, increase coordination, and learn to balance at their own pace while having fun. The Glide Go Glider Kids Balance Bike is designed for school-aged (2 to 5 years) kids and has the same design concept as the EZee Glider EVA Foam Tire and Mini Glider Kids Balance Bike but its larger size fits 5 to10-year-olds.

The Features of the Glide Kid’s Balance Bikes

I’m going to give you an in-depth review of Glide Bikes Go Glider Kid’s Bike to get you accustomed to the excellent features you get for the money. Read more and decide whether it’s the dream balance bike for your kid.

Lightweight Construction:

Every parent wants a lightweight balance bike for their child and Go Glider doesn’t disappoint. This balance bike is designed to be super lightweight, weighing at just 11 pounds. This makes it easier, both on you and your kid. The lightweight construction means that your child uses little effort when pushing the bike uphill and you get the convenience of easy lifting, especially when loading the bike for transportation. Despite its lightweight design, this bike is sturdy enough to provide maximum support. It is made of high-strength steel alloy frame that takes its durability to the limit.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar:

You don’t want a balance bike that your kid will outgrow in just a year or two. You want a bike that provides the convenience of adjustable features to ensure it grows with your child. This balance bike is just built for that – grow with your kid. It has an adjustable seat and handlebar.

Long-lasting Tires:

Sometimes, the ride can be quite rough, especially when training on bumpy surfaces or uneven terrain. Go Glider as a solution to that – solid air tires that are mounted on plastic wheels. These tires are designed to ensure a smooth ride on various terrains. The tires give your child the chance to explore more and experience little discomfort. They provide a worry-free ride that lets your child put more focus on balance. The excellent tread design provides maximum traction that makes the bike safe on wet roads. The wheels are fitted with ball bearings to provide quiet, comfortable rides.

Patented Slow Speed Design:

Cyclists love speed and would go to greater lengths just to achieve that. However, speed isn’t advisable in the realm of balance bikes. The main reason is to keep your child from speeding out of control since the bike is specially engineered to be used downhill. But what mechanisms are there to prevent this balance bike from over speeding? Well, the bike has a slow-speed geometry that reduces its speed to a safer, manageable level. The frame creates some drag that gives you peace of mind whenever your child glides downhill. The slow-speed geometry lets your kid achieve balance at speeds of less than 2 mph.

Foot Pegs:

Learning proper foot positioning can be quite a challenge at the early stages. This is because most kids lack the confidence to do so when the bike is on the move. But there is a way to build confidence in proper pedal foot positioning. The answer is simple – footpegs. Go Glider lightweight bike sports one of these. The footpegs provide the convenience of a detachable design. They can be put on in case you want to teach your child proper foot positioning without gliding.


  • This balance bike lets children learn at their own pace.
  • Designed to grow with your child from 2 to 5 and 5 to 10 years
  • Economical since the same unit can be used by multiple kids.
  • Practical and much safer to balance even on angular surfaces.
  • Provides the safety and great control of rear handbrakes.
  • This bike is super lightweight for hassle-free pushing, lifting, and transportation.
  • The tires provide smooth movement and don’t require pumping.
  • Low speed for safe downhill exploration.
  • Much easier to park, thanks to the integrated kickstand.
  • This bike is available in four different colors to choose from.
  • The minimal assembly that requires you to only install the handlebars adjusts them and your child is good to go.


  • This bike is nicely built but doesn’t guarantee instant success.
  • Some customers report having difficulties fitting the handlebar but are satisfied with the quality of this balance bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers have posted different questions regarding the quality and features of the Glide Kid’s Balance Bikes. Below are some of the most notable ones and the answers are given.

Q: What is the lowest and maximum seat height?

The seat is adjustable from 12 to 17 inches (Mini Glider and EZee Glider) and from 17.5 to 25 inches (Go Glider).

Q: Are the wheels plastic or rubber?

This balance bike has rubber tires that are mounted on plastic wheels


Glide Kid’s Balance Bikes is a good purchase for the less confident kid. The bike sports greater stability and is built to grow with your child. It provides the convenience of easy tool-free adjustments and requires only minimal assembly to get it on the road. This bike lets your kids learn at their own pace and has lots of safety features for peace of mind in every ride. It receives many positive reviews from customers due to the multiple benefits it has to offer. I recommend it to parents in need of an affordable balance bike that provides a perfect balance of comfort, durability, and safety.

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