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How to Adjust Chillafish BMxie balance bike Seat?


In the world, people considered the Chillafish BMxie balance bike one of the coolest balance bikes. The Chillafish BMXie balance bike is a toddler’s balance bike.  We found that the Chillafish was best for kids with average to larger-sized frames. It has a wider frame and seat height settings. If you want to change the seat for your toddler, it’s easy to do. Just follow a few steps to figure out how to change the seat height so your toddlers are comfortable. Now, we’ll tell you what steps to take to adjust the seat.


Chillafish BMxie Balance Bike


Chillafish BMxie Balance Bike


The Chillafish Charlie is a balance bike for kids who are just starting out. It doesn’t weigh much. The Chillafish BMXie is a stylish and easy-to-take-care-of-balance bike for kids who ride around their neighbourhood. It is fun and sporty, and it has some of our favourite tires that don’t get flat. On both sides of BMXie, the frame sticks out something like two inches beyond the wheels. The seat and handlebars are both easy to change. It’s a great option for people who want a bike that doesn’t need much care. It’s also something that many parents who are looking for a balance bike already know. 

The BMXie can be set to one of three different seat heights, ranging from 12.25 inches at its lowest setting to 15.25 inches at its highest height on that bike. Because of how the BMXie’s seat adjusts, you can only choose between three different heights.

Let’s see how you can set the height with your own hand.


Adjust BMXie Seat


  • Unscrew the lock on the seat to unlock it.
  • pulling it upwards Adapt to the height of your toddler
  • The triangle marks show that there are two highest places. (you can choose any)
  • To lock the seat, pull the locking system down and secure it.

Given that the BMXie’s frame is wider and there aren’t many ways to adjust the seat height, we found that the Chillafish is best for children with average to wider frames and recently started walking.


Adjusting BMXie’s Handlebar


When the handlebars of the bike are set up correctly, the toddlers will be as comfortable as possible. Balance bikes for kids who are growing must also be fixed every year. Follow the instructions that come with the balance bike for your toddler to make sure it is set up right.


  • 1) Change your handlebar’s height based on how it feels, not on where it should be. Let your body show you where to put the handlebars. 
  • They are usually 2 to 4 inches below the seat. Comfort riders and people who are just starting out will have handlebars that are the same height as such seats or above. On a master of balance bike, the handlebars are low so the rider can stay as light as possible.
  • Use an Allen key to loosen the bolt that holds the stem cap in place. To change the height of your bars, you have to take them off. After you take off the cap and take out the long bolt, put both of these parts somewhere safe until you’re ready to put them back on.
  • Loosen the Allen Key and also the two screws on each side of the handlebars. They will be put in the stem under your seat.
  • Loosen them until the stem and handlebars can be taken off the frame tube and the bike is easy to ride.
  • Pull the stem off the frame of the bike and slowly pull the handlebars off.
  • Put the handlebar stem back on the spacers in the right way. Then, the stem cap that screws on will cover them up.


Extra Feature: Footrest is removable


The actual Chillafish BMXie balance bike is smart because the footrest can be taken off. The footrest screws easily into place at the base of the seat post when it’s being used. The footrest is big enough for experienced riders to rest their feet on but small enough that it won’t get in the way of their stride.


Footrests, on the other hand, can be hard for kids who are just learning to ride because they can hit the back of the child’s leg as they walk the bike. The answer for Chillafish is easy. No tools are needed to take off the footrest and put it back on the bottom of the bike’s frame, just below where it says “Chillafish.” That one makes it easy to store. The two collage photos in the section above about sizes show how the red footrest is stored. 

Attachment of foot support

  • Unlock the frame’s footrest.
  • Unlock the Seatpost end cap.
  • Mount the footrest under the Seatpost.
  • End cap to the lower frame.




How do I use the BMXie’s foot support?


The footrest on the BMXie balance bike is a good idea. The foot support is easy to store under the frame of its BMXie. Your child can use it whenever he or she is ready. Once it’s set up, your child can put their feet also on foot support and keep going forward while having fun. It’s also a lot of fun to ride down the small hill.


How much air pressure should I put into a tire?


On every tire, the maximum pressure is written on the tire itself. Tires that come with the BMXie and Jack&Josie have a maximum pressure of 32 pounds per square inch, which is equal to 2.2 bar. But we recommend that you always confirm the tire to make sure it says the right pressure and that you never pump up your tires more than this maximum pressure. When your tires are too full of air, it can be dangerous. If you’re not sure how much air is in your tires, you can find more details from any expert mechanic.


What do Airless RubberSkin Tires do?


Airless RubberSkin tires are a newer version of tire that delivers the best grip possible and doesn’t even need to be inflated. They can’t get a hole because they are made of foam, and the rubber layer on the outside makes them look just the same as real tires. That’s the best of both worlds: a good grip and no pumping. Just what every rider of a Chillafish needs. 


Does a brake need to be on a balance bike?


Children who start learning to ride a balance bike at around 2 years old can’t stop it on their own with the handbrake because they don’t have the motor skills to do so. Because the bike has a brake, the person in charge might be persuaded to believe in a “non-existent safety” and not pay as much attention to learners as they should. Observations show that kids have a lot of fun riding a balance bike for a long enough time, even after they learn how to ride a pedal bike. 

Of that group of advanced learners, it would make sense to put a child-sized brake system on one model. But adults still need to watch out for these young riders. Even at this stage, you can see that most kids slow down on a balance bike by deciding to put their feet flat on the ground.


Why not use training wheels instead of a balance bike?

A balance bike makes it easier to learn how to ride a bike without having to learn how to pedal, steer, and balance at about the same time. A balance bike is a fantastic way for kids to learn how to keep their balance from a much earlier age than they can with a regular bike. When a child is prepared to learn to ride a regular bike, he or she already knows how to stay balanced and turn.

The only new set of skills to learn is how to pedal. Kids using a balance bike at a young age learn to ride a regular bike much faster. And don’t think that the balance bike isn’t any longer fun for your kids once they can ride a bike. The balance bike is likely to be your child’s favourite “play” ride for many more years. The bike is used for driving on the road, and the balance bike is used for quick manoeuvring and fun play around the house.

Chillafish BMxie Balance

Final Take

If your child is between 18 months and 5 years old, I would recommend getting them a Chillafish BMXie. Most two-year-olds are so ready for a balance bike at that age. It was when I began, and I don’t regret anything.

Like most people, you’ll absolutely adore the Chillafish and how it looks like a BMX bike. Most parents choose this seat for their toddlers because it is easy to adjust. There are also little grips on the seat so that your child won’t just slide off. The seat height can be changed from 12 to 15 inches, so that should be good for a few years.

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