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Best Budget Balance Bikes (Under 70$) of 2021

Best Budget Balance Bikes (Under $70) of 2021

I know sometimes budget is a big issue for some people unless you are a millionaire. I am one of them too, I also have to think twice or more before buying anything expensive. And balance bike could be a little expensive but that should not stop you from gifting one to your infant. Today I have come up with 10 Best Budget Balance Bikes that give more than expected value for the money. And after the review, I have also added an in-depth buying guide so that you can make a more secure purchase.

So let get started.

10 Best Budget Balance Bikes (Under 70$) of 2021

As I said, all these 10 balance bikes are budget picks. Nevertheless, I have tried to pick up the bikes with better quality and I have a bunch of those. And since your baby is who will be riding it, I have tried to choose the colorful ones so that they like it. With that said, let’s proceed with the review.

Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Bike

If you are looking for a training bike that is very easy to balance and also comes at a super low price, then the Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Bike is what you are looking for. It comes with some useful features which I couldn’t avoid and ended up given this bike the first place.

Let’s start with the assembling. It will be shipped to you only in four pieces and now you can guess how easy it is to assemble this bike. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to assemble, even you are assembling a balance bike for the first time.

Like few, this Chicco bike doesn’t come with complex design, instead, it is very straight forward and simple. It is an ideal design to help the first-timer teach to balance a bike. The manufacturer has used a puncture-resistant tire on this bike. Foam tires are popular for their long-lasting life.

The saddle of this bike is well padded, enough to give your little fella a comfortable ride. Plus, the saddle is wider, so it becomes more comfortable. The handlebar also has a padded grip which is needed to prevent fatigue.

Another good part of this balance bike is, the seat post is adjustable. So you can adjust the height according to your kid’s comfort which will help the kid to balance the bike. Lastly, it comes at a very cheap price, according to the price it offers a lot.

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The pros

The Cons

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

This Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike is the second product on the list of Best Budget Balance Bikes holding the lead in both quality and design. The manufacturer has given this bike a classy design and it comes in a dozen colors. Yes, kids always want everything in their favorite colors, so this very bike is giving you a chance to make them smile.

A high tensile steel frame makes this balance super strong and durable, users are appreciating the longtime service this frame offers. Moreover, this frame is completely rust free. The design of this frame is also very convenient. Because of the low profile, children can easily get on or off the bike.

It comes with an adjustable handlebar which allows you to set the height of the bike according to the kid who would be riding it. On the other hand, the handlebar also ensures that your kid stays in a good posture.

This balance bike offers an adjustable seat too so that your kid can sit and ride comfortably. The manufacturer has used air-free tire in this bike which means these tires are never going to be punctured. These tires are 1.75 inches wide and that is going to prevent the chances of bike tipping over for any reason.

A wide tire will help your kid to balance the bike better. This bike a rubber hand grip and at the end handlebar has a knob, that will prevent your kid’s hand if he or she accidentally bumped into a wall, tree, or anything.

And lastly, this bike only weighs 9 pounds which are a very lightweight, and a lightweight balance bike will be easy for kids to balance.

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ENKEEO 12 Sports Balance Bike

The ENKEEO 12 Sport is a highly comfortable balance bike. It has a good amount of cockpit space which makes this bike stable and your kid will be able to balance the bike easily. This bike comes in five colors and each color is so amazing. These colors will definitely attract your kind.

If you want something that would help your kid to learn to ride pedal bikes, then this ENKEEO 12 Sports Balance Bike is one of those best training bikes. This bike has a carbon steel frame which is very famous for being durable and strong. This very frame is also lightweight a bit.

The manufacturer has given EVA foam tires in this bike, these tires are puncture resistant and you don’t need to inflate them ever. This bike also offers PP wheels and that is for ensuring that your kid gets smooth rides. Each and every material of this balance bike is completely environment-friendly.

This very bike is perfect for kids of two to six years. It has a high weight holding capacity, up to 50 kg.  Assembling is very simple and can be done under 10 minutes. The handlebars have a rubber grip and knob end for added safety.

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High Bounce Balance Bike

Well, this bike is a little advanced than all the previously reviewed models. This High Bounce Balance Bike comes with handbrake which very few balance bike offers. Though your kid is mostly like to brake with their feet but making them used to handbrake will benefit them later.

It has a very lightweight frame and even after being so lightweight, it is still very strong and durable. The steel-aluminum frame has a weight holding capacity of up to 70 pounds. And the weight of this entire balance bike is only 6.5 pounds, it is very light.

Because of the lightweight, your kid will be able to balance the bike easily and if necessary they would be able to even lift it. Your kid will need different seat heights with time and keep that in mind, the manufacturer has given an adjustable seat in this bike so that you can adjust it according to your kid’s comfort.

The tires of this bike will never deflate, yes it comes with EVA foam tire which is famous for being so durable. In order to prevent your kid’s hand from fatigue and accidents, the manufacturer has given rubber grip and knob end to the handlebar. And lastly, unlike most models, this High Bounce Balance Bike comes with mudguards.

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Vilano Rally Balance Bike

This Vilano Rally Balance Bike also comes with a feature that kept it one step ahead from a few competitors. Unlike a few models, this bike has a smart built-in footrest. Some bike offers footrest which interrupts when you try to push with your leg and sometimes these types of footrests hurts.

The manufacturer has used sense in this bike, they designed the footrest in a way that doesn’t look like a footrest but works nice. The footrest in this bike is between the seat and rear wheel. Without the footrest, it has the same features.

It comes with a high-quality durable frame which is very strong and completely rustproof, eliminating your worries when the bike frame comes in tough of rain.  The frame is lightweight hence the entire bike is lightweight which enables your kid to balance and ride this bike easily and comfortably.

The adjustable seat will allow you to adjust the seat height according to your kid’s comfort. This bike comes in three colors and I think the manufacturer has tried to offer color for both boy and girl. As I said, it comes in three colors, blue, pink, and yellow. Pink one suits girl and blue one boys. And the yellow one suits both.

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Maxtra Balance Bike Review

This one of the top-rated balance bikes in the market right now. It has different features which made is so popular and helped it to outrank some big competitors. The Maxtra Balance Bike is a beautiful balance bike and it comes in three different colors and all the colors are pretty amazing.

This bike features a handle attached at the back of the seat which will allow you to help your kid balance the bike at the beginning, very few models offer this. Besides that, the footrest of this bike is very comfortable and stylish. Your kid will be able to ride and balance the bike with full comfort no doubt on that.

It features an ergonomic frame that will attract anyone and this frame is super lightweight. The frame is made of steel material and completely rustproof. It also had rubberized handgrip along with knob end which will prevent your kid’s hand from fatigue and accidents.

Also features EVA foam tire that is completely air-free and won’t have to inflate ever. These tires never get punctured. And lastly, according to all these features, this Maxtra Balance Bike is price cheap.

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Dynacraft 10″ Magna B-Wild Balance Bike for Toddlers

Now we review the next product of the list, Best Budget Balance Bikes and this is Dynacraft 10″ Magna B-Wild Balance Bike for Toddlers. Teach your little one to ride on the Magna B-Wild 10” Balance Bike. Their favorite animal friends are here to make learning fun with these custom graphics. The B-Wild Balance Bike is equipped with a handle directly behind the seat for a parent to provide extra balance and guidance. Front and rear fenders protect your child from whatever the environment may throw at them. The adjustable seat post fits most children, regardless of size. Learning to ride a bike has never been easier, so bring home the Magna B-Wild 10” Balance Bike today.

It also features a rubberized handgrip which also delivers comfort and finally the frame of this bike is very simple yet highly durable and lightweight.

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Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike

Another inexpensively priced kid’s balance bike on our list of Best Budget Balance Bikes, the Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike. This bike looks very gentle and comes in nine different colors. This bike also has all the features the same as most bike except one which you are going to find out below.

It comes with a very simple yet durable frame. The frame is lightweight and made of steel but completely rustproof. The different thing this bike has the footrest. The footrest of this balance bike is designed in a way that it won’t interrupt when your kid would try to push the bike.

It also features an adjustable seat so that your kid doesn’t face any seat height-related issue and the saddle to is nicely padded so that it offers a nice amount of comfort. Rubberized handle gives a good grip and the foam tire saves you from the puncturing issues.

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OUTLIFE Balance Bike Training Bike

Before you go further let me tell this OUTLIFE Balance Bike Training Bike is a bit expensive. This bike comes in only one color, yellow and that color looks good on this. The frame design is too simple but it is highly durable and strong. It also features an adjustable seat in order to make sure that your kid’s ride in comfortably. This bike comes with EVA foam tire which is airless and doesn’t need to inflate ever. These tires are puncture-resistant. Rubberized handlebar offers a nice amount of grip. The manufacturer has used all the high-quality materials on the construction of this bike and that is why the price is a bit high.

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The Pros

   Durable and lightweight frame.

   Nice colors.

   Foam tire.

   Adjustable seat.

The Con


Playshion Kids Balance Bike

And finally here comes the last bike of this review list of Best Budget Balance Bikes and that is none other than the Playshion Kids Balance Bike, another expensive model. This very model is highly durable and strong. Suitable for 3 to 7-year-old kids. The manufacturer has given it an impressive design for sure and the color combination also looks classy.

Like previously review all balance bikes this one also comes with an adjustable seat, well-padded saddle, EVA foam tire, and rubberized handgrip. I won’t suggest this balance bike for less than 3 years, old kids.

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How to Buy the Best Balance Bike for Kids?

Buying a balance bike is not as easy as it seems, there are a bunch of factors that you should take under consideration right before you buy a balance bike. Especially it’s about your baby. You should choose a bike that suits your baby perfectly and I am going to help you with that. Here you go.

Seat height of the bike

Size is one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration before buying a balance bike for the kid. One misconception is, there is one size of balance bike that suits all, that’s completely wrong. The same size of the bike won’t suit both an 18 month and 5 years old baby.

Choose a bike size so that the baby can comfortably touch the ground and push forward or backward with their feet while sitting on the saddle. The ideal height would 1 to 1.5 inches less than the baby’s inseam.

Your baby’s leg bends slightly when he or she sits on the bike, its perfect size. Don’t choose the size if the legs don’t bend at all or too much.

Tire size

One most common tire size widely used is 12” tires which are for 2 to 5 years or so kids. 14” tire size is also not perfect for kids. There are some balance bikes which has 20” and 16” tire, these are perfect for 6 to 10-years or more old kids.

Weight of the bike

Never choose a bike heavier than your baby. You should choose a bike that weights 30% of your baby’s weight. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for the kid to ride and it could be dangerous too.

The bike frame and tire are what puts most of the weight, if they are lightweight then the entire bike would be. But lightweight durable frames could be a little expensive.


The distance between both wheels of the balance bike is called wheelbase and the longer the wheelbase the more easy to balance the bike. If your kid will be riding the balance bike for the first time, make sure you choose the one with a longer wheelbase.


The space between the seat and the handlebar is called  cockpit. Here too the more space the easier it is to balance the bike. Because ample cockpit space gives the rider room to move when needed and also allows them to lean forward into the handlebar so that they can ride comfortably.

On the other hand, if you pick a bike that has very less cockpit space, the rider will miss out the comfort of having a roomy cockpit. It will be harder for the rider to ride, especially if that is a beginner.

The position of the seat

If you want to make riding the balance bike easy for your kid, then pick a balance bike that has a small gap between the seat and the rear wheel, and make sure the seat height is lower. This adjustment makes it easier to balance a bike at slow speed.

On the flip side, a large gap between the seat and rear wheel will make it harder for your kid to balance the bike.

Bike Tires

The tire has a lot to do with the bikes overall performance and your comfort. You have to choose the right tire in order to get the best out of the balance bike. However, there are mainly two kind of tires which are used widely, foam and air tires.

Foam tire:

These tires are common than the air tires and one reason for that is, foam tires are cheap. Foam tires are lightweight and made with a kind of foam that barely goes flat. Foam tires are for casual ridings, are not for off-road adventures.

Air tire:

And these tires offer a great level of comfort and cushioning. Air tires are a bit expensive. Riding a bike of air tire is a great feel and your kid is surely going to enjoy that. These tires are lightweight too.

On the other hand, since air tires are made of rubber they provide a great amount of traction and that is what makes these tires best for off-road riding. Because of traction, it becomes easier for kid riders to stay stable.


Doesn’t matter how many brakes you install in your kid’s balance bike, they are going to brake by putting their legs down. But it is very important that you make them used to the braking system. Choosing a bike at least with a hand brake is mandatory, it can save your kid for dangerous accidents.

Two or three years old kids have needed hand coordination to use the brake, all you have to do is, make them use to it. Make sure the brake is smooth and not very hard or loose. When the brake is hard, pressing brake while in a higher speed might make an accident. So be wise.

Turn limiter

This feature can save your kid from accidents. As the name suggest turn limiter is something that limits the turn of the bikes front wheel. Sharp turn can lead to accidents and with turn limiter, there is no way that your kid will be able to take a sharp turn.


How fast and smooth the bike will move depends on the bearing. There are different types of bearing on the market but the perfect one would be sealed bearings. These bearings have a rubber seal around which keeps the bearing safe from dirt, water, and dust.

Because of that with time, the bearing won’t create much friction, and less friction means the bike will move faster. Sealed bearings are expensive too.


As I mentioned earlier, weight is an important factor and frame is what increases most of the bikes weight. So if the frame is lightweight, the bike would be lightweight too. However, there different types of frame materials suited for different needs, have a look.

Metal frame:

This framed bikes come with aluminum or steel alloy and has a high contribution in the bikes overall weight. The metal frame is very lightweight and highly durable. They are even rustproof. Metal frames are mostly used in high-end bikes which are very expensive.

Steel frame:

Steel frames are heavy but they come at an affordable price tag. On the other hand, these frames are not rustproofed, so it should be maintained well in order to avoid rust issue.

Wood frame:

These bike frames are way too environment-friendly than metal bikes. If maintained well a high-end wood bike can last for years. But low-quality cheap wood bikes don’t last long.

Composite frame:

These frames are glass fiber reinforced nylon composite which is mostly found on Firstbike. Composite frames are very lightweight and super strong, they have high weight holding capacity. And they are expensive too. One disadvantage of composite frame is, they tend to bend or flex easily.


This might seem like a small factor but it’s important. When choosing the balance bike, makes sure you choose a rubber grip that has a knobby end, this will protect your kid hand when he or she bumps on a wall or tree


And times up! So these are the Best Budget Balance Bikes that deliver proper value. Hope by now you have found the best one for your kid. If you have any kind of disagreement or suggestion about the list, don’t hesitate to hit me up through the comment section. Goodbye

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