balance bike

What age is a balance bike suitable for?

Toddlers of an 18 month years old are ready for a balance bike. But some kids may not take it until they are 2 years … Read more

chillafish balance bike for 2 year old

How to transition from a balance bike to a paddle bike?

One of the many advantages of a balance bike is that children can easily convert from a balance bike to a paddle bike. When you … Read more

Balance Bike for 7-Year-Old

Balance Bike for 7-Year-Old

As a parent, it seems to be difficult to choose a perfect bike for a growing kid aged 7 years. There are numerous things that … Read more

How to Choose A Kids Mountain Bike?

How to Choose a Kids Mountain Bike?

Choose a Kids Mountain Bike from balance bikes to proper mini superbikes, kids’ bikes have come a long way. So many options out there. We’ll … Read more

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