Can You Put Pedals on A Balance Bike

Can You Put Pedals on A Balance Bike ?

Balance bikes are specifically designed for kids.  It helps them to glide instead of ride. A balance bike with a paddle kit can be converted smoothly. And Also requires very little adjustment. The designed paddles are easy to attach. When your child is ready to ride independently. Then you can convert from a balance bike to a standard paddle bike without the high cost. In this article we are talking about Can You Put Pedals on A Balance Bike ?

When children learn to balance bikes. Then you cant convert all balance bikes into regular bikes.

Convertible balance bikes are designed to transform your child into a small paddle bike after mastering the balance bike. As a balance bike and a paddle bike, this 2-in-1 concept sounds ideal. Are you ready to give more years of fun to your Kids?  Then, this article is for you.

A toddler can fun 18months to 6 years with a balance bike. But if you buy a convertible balance bike then kids can play and ride on it for more than 8 years. Let me show you when you put a paddle on a Balance bike and make it a Regular bike. 

Types of Balance Bike

There is two types of Balance bike are available on the market. There are:

Balance bike (without paddle kit): This is a real balance bike. Because the company did not paddle with it. An 18-month-old baby can easily climb on it. It is designed for a small child who has just started walking. First, the parents teach them how to push it, and then the child sits in the seat, they push the ground and climb on it. After a few months/years, they will become proficient in maintaining balance. The kids don’t want it anymore, they want a regular bike for the ride.

Balance bike with paddle kit: A 2-year-old child can ride a balance bike properly. This type of balance bike provides an extra paddle and brake kit. So when kids are good at balancing, parents can add paddles and brakes to a balance bike. And they are trying to give them the pleasure of regular bikes.

Convertible Balance Bike 

A convertible balance bike is the best choice for young children. Because convertible balance bikes are designed to convert a small paddle bike when your child masters a balance bike.

The Convertible Balance bike has two moods. Those are:

  1. Balance Bike Mode: Convertible balance bikes perform like a balance bike. However, they are usually heavier than a standard balance bike. If you have a lightweight, small, or timid child, these added few pounds can be difficult for them when they ride bikes. 
  2. Paddle Bike Mode: Although the balance bike mode can be used for quite some time. But the paddle bike mode is a short-term solution. The paddles are usually short and the crank arms are also short. It makes pedal biking unrealistic for long periods or distances. Once a child gains confidence balance a bike. They will be uncomfortable on the paddle bike. You will probably need to purchase an original paddle bike within weeks or months of adding the paddling kit.

Importance of Balance Bike

  1. Skill: One of the most important benefits of a balance bike is its ability to help your child develop in balance. Balance bikes are a fun way to meet that demand. This healthy habit makes exercise fun.
  2. Exercise & Fun: Every parent knows one thing to be true that is kids want to move. Balance bikes are a fun way to fulfill that need. This gives them a healthy reason to have fun.
  3. Being Confidence: Learning a new skill is always a confidence booster. This is no different for the little ones! Balance Bikes introduce balance and confidence. Since they work by balancing two-wheelers and earning skills in sliding. They will earn confidence over time as they learn.
  4. Grows With Comfort: Balance bikes are easy to ride and reflexive for young children. Balance bike frames are light and strong so kids from 2 to 5 years old can ride around comfortably. They will feel comfortable riding a balance bike that fits them perfectly for years of exciting play.
  5. Easily Transition: Balance and motion are two necessary parts of learning to ride a pedal bike. Balance bike users can achieve these concepts easily. It provides a safe floor for learning to ride a pedal bike. As they use their feet to push themselves onward. they get used to the feeling of creating motion. And then they will practice moving faster. kids will feel more and more comfortable deciding their feet up and balancing. Once they will learn two skills together. they will feel unstoppable!

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

 Is a convertible balance bike a good idea?

A convertible bike is good for those who are worried about buying a bike that will last a while. Then a variable balance could be the way to go. This is especially true for bikes that convert from 3-wheel trikes to a 2-wheel balance bikes.

One more thing, if you bought a balance bike at the top of the list, you can use it properly as a good convertible balance bike for kids.

Can You Put Pedals on A Balance Bike

The answer is “No”. You can only add paddles to balance bikes that are designed to accommodate an optional paddle kit. We’ve listed the top three bikes we know on this page.

There are more Convertible Balance bikes like that, we have listed them in the overall view.

Final Take

Every convertible balance bike is as good as a balance bike as a paddle bike. A dedicated balance bike is usually better than a convertible balance bike. Most parents buy a balance bike with paddles to save money.

While the Balance Bike may be technically too small for some time, it is an affordable option. We often recommend avoiding 14 paddle bikes. They are very small and the kids quickly overtake them! The seat height is adjustable enough to ride many balance bikes until a child is ready for a 16-paddle bike.

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