BIKFUN Balance Bike, Fits for 1.5 to 6 Years


BIKFUN Balance Bike is one of the leading renowned balance bikes now a day for innovative and high-quality designs. On the broad scope of kids’ balance bike, Ride on toys that will enable your tyke to build up the confidence and freedom when riding at the recreation center, while in transit to class or on vacation! Simply ride freely with BIKFUN.

Specification of BIKFUN Balance Bike:

Frame – Carbon Steel

Weight capacity – 65 LBS

Tire: – Maintenance free EVA tires

  • Bikfun Classic Balance Bike

Adjustable seat – 12.2 to 17.3 inches

Adjustable handlebar – 20.5 to 22.4 inches

Recommended Age – 1.5 to 6 years

Weight – 6.17 pounds

  • Bikfun Pro Balance Bike

Adjustable seat – 15.7 to 18.9 inches

Adjustable handlebar – 20.0 to 22.4 inches

Recommended Age – 3 to 6 years

Weight – 9.92 pounds

NB: BIKFUN has a Ultra light Aluminum made Balance Bike Which features is not as like as this three BIKFUN Balance Bike of this content. So I review it in another content. To read (Click here)

The features of BIKFUN Balance Bike:

Safely learn to ride:

By beginning on a balance bike, build up youngster’s balance, coordination, appreciate picking up riding and gain confidence, let toddler easy to move up to a pedal bike and will reduce the risk of accidents, perfectly appropriate for investigating the world ideal around them.

Ride with comfort:

Built-in and more extensive footrest configuration let kids save effort while on a bike ride prevent feet slipping when kids lift their feet off of the ground; it includes an upholstered seat, additionally the shape of seat is well-designed which guarantees ride with comfort and safety.


The handlebar and seat height are adjustable to suit a growing children, for ages 18 months to 6 years, saddle height from 12.2 to 17.3 inch, handlebar height from 20.5 to 22.4 inch.

Easy to assemble:

The lightweight bike frame design makes you easy to convey and control, easy to follow assembly instruction are included. It requires some assembly, need no tools to assemble, and takes less than 5 minutes. The bike arrives with the fork removed from the frame. All wheels are attached; simply insert the fork into the frame and handlebar into the fork, clamp it down and you are ready to roll.

EVA Tires:

The wheels are made of EVA polymer so that they are light, puncture proof and maintenance free and never need air! EVA tires for safety ride, getting more places practical for children to ride, for example, hilly areas, puddles, gravel roads and more. They don’t require air yet give a similar riding experience compared to air tires.


If you are not satisfied with the balance bike, please don’t stress, the first BIKFUN balance bike that we offer 3 months 100% money back guarantee.

Pros, Cons & Verdict:


Learn quicker

Less risk of injury

Better early advancement

Let your children appreciate the enjoyment of figuring out how to ride!


This balance bike isn’t as little as recommended!


Please read the manual carefully before use the product, ensure that the installation is correct.

For the best protection, we recommend that children wear helmets and knee elbow pads when riding.

Last word:

The balance bike give kids a no-stress technique of learning to ride a bike, develops confidence t in kids learning balance. Improves balance and coordination at vital formative stages, enabling a seamless development towards a pedal bike and in this place BIKFUN may be your dependable choice.

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