Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike Reviews

Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike Reviews


Banana Bike is always prepared to catch the customer’s eye from the get-go; their well disposed and fun brand name ought to pull in any parent who is looking for a child-friendly balance bike. You can frequently get this item at extraordinary costs (now and then even up to 22% off). It looks awesome and is best for 2, 3 and 4-year-old who have never ridden and are anxious to learn how to balance with the goal that they can proceed onward to pedal bikes. You have a child aged two to four years and you want to teach it to balance, you can choose the Banana Bike for your child. It will help your child to develop biking skills. Now I’ll try reviews the Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike.

Benefits of Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike:

These are great bikes, Great quality, all steel construction, hard rubber tires. So no worries about flats, easily adjustable seats, and the price is cheaper than other balance bikes. 

Banana Bike is available in three awesome colors, those are: blue, green and pink. It also regularly improves their products to help improve them for their customers. This implies this bike updated in each update, has some as good as ever includes, as well. Like the redesigned seat, stronger metal headset, overhauled handlebars and a simple outline to help urge children to assemble the bike themselves.

Because of the light form, it’s not difficult to carry by guardians or older children and has puncture proof EVA tires that can persevere through a wide range of mishandling that they will be presented to during rides. You will never need to swell them and can make sure your kid will have the capacity to have some good times without sustaining any injuries. It’s effortlessly the most reasonable balance bike out available and will be the best present for any family with progressively the one kid since you can purchase without much of a stretch two at the cost of one.

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The seat and handlebar heights are adjustable for ages 1.6 to 5 years or a 31cm (12.2in) to 40cm (15.75in) inseam.
It is lightweight (7.28 lbs only) but strong frame and easy to carry.
Well-built and very easy to assemble
No worries about maintenance for its puncture-proof EVA foam tires.
Product Dimensions: 33.5 18.1 23.6 inches

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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It comes in three colors. Those are Green, Blue, and pink. From here you can choose one color which is the best suite for the child.


EVA froth tires

Light and sturdy design

An updated design

In a word, you can go forward for buying it. Otherwise, you can see other similar product and compare with it. (Click) I lovely suggested to the guardians to buy a helmet, knee elbow and gloves for your child.

Banana Bikes has an extraordinary design that is intended to take after a real banana to urge the children to see this balance bike as a fun accessory to figuring out how to balance. It has one of the best prices out there and is ideal for families who might want to get one for in excess of one kid. The constantly updated design ensures you will just get the updated bike each time with the best features.

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