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Tauki Kid -12 Inch2 - 5 years11.02 lbsCheek Price
Strider -12 Classic1.5 - 3 years 6.7 lbs
ENKEEO - 12 Inch
Schwinn -12 Inch
Chicco Red Bullet
Chillafish BMXie -12 Inch

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

This Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike is holding the lead in both quality and design. The manufacturer has given this bike a classy design and it comes in a dozen colors. Yes, kids always want everything in their favorite colors, so this very bike is giving you a chance to make them smile.

A high tensile steel frame makes this balance super strong and durable, users are appreciating the longtime service this frame offers. Moreover, this frame is completely rust free. The design of this frame is also very convenient. Because of the low profile, children’s can easily get on or off the bike.

It comes with an adjustable handlebar which allows you to set the height of the bike according to the kid who would be riding it. On the other hand, the handlebar also ensures that your kid stays in a good posture.

This balance bike offers adjustable seat too so that your kid can sit and ride comfortably. The manufacturer has used air free tire in this bike which means these tires are never going to be punctured. These tires are 1.75 inches wide and that is going to prevent the chances of bike tipping over for any reason.

A wide tire will help your kid to balance the bike better. This bike a rubber hand grip and at the end handlebar has a knob, that will prevent your kid's hand if he or she accidentally bumped into wall, tree, or anything.

And lastly, this bike only weighs 9 pounds which is very lightweight, and lightweight balance bike will be easy for kids to balance.

The Pros

  •    Very lightweight.
  •    Durable and strong frame.
  •    Air-free tires.
  •    Adjustable handlebar.
  •    Adjustable saddle.
  •    Padded handgrip.

The Con

  •    This balance bike doesn’t come with mudguards.

Tauki Kid 12 -Inch Balance Bike


Strider -12 Classic Balance Bike

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Best Seller

Frame – steel

Adjustable seat – 12 to 17 inches

Handlebar height -18.5 inches

Weight – 6.7 pounds

Tire: – flat-free tires

Recommended Age -1.5 to 3 years

Rate – 4.6 out 5 stars

Product dimension- 33 x 15 x 22 inches (L x W x H)

Color- There is four colors like Blue, Green, Pink, and Red.

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Schwinn, 12 - inch

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Schwinn/ 12 – inch balance bike


ENKEEO 12 – inch balance bike

Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet

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Chicco/ 12 - inch balance bike

Price – 52 $ 


Chillafish BMXie

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Chillafish/ 12 – inch balance bike



BIKFUN Balance Bike


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