Balance Bikes For 5 Years: Comparison & Reviews

Balance Bikes for 5 Years : Comparison & Reviews

Would you find out balance bikes for 5 years old kid? Well, be glad that you just have come back to the proper place. To get the balance bike for five years old children is quite an uphill task. It needs you to own some nice understanding of the sport trade so as to urge the most effective Balance Bike that the market must supply.

But I actually have made things abundant easier for you – of course. I actually have created it simple to avoid wasting you all the difficulty. Below I’m aiming to review the balance bikes for 5 years old children and description features that make them the most effective deal doable. Read more and let’s discover along.

Comparison table of Balance Bike for 5 years old child

NameWeightFrame Tires
FirstBIKE Limited Bike8.6 lbsPlasticEVA Foam
KaZAM v2e No Pedal8 lbsSteelEVA Foam
Joovy Bicycoo 8.75 lbsAluminumPneumatic (air) and wide
Tauki Kids11 lbsSteelPneumatic rubber tires
RoyalBaby 12 inch13 lbsSteelPneumatic (air)


Reviews of the 5 best as balance bikes for 5 years old

1. FirstBIKE Limited Bike with Brake


FirstBIKE Limited Bike with Brake

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First of all, I recommend FirstBIKE Limited Bike with Brake as balance bikes for 5 years. This balance bike has built ripples within the world of plastic balance bikes. It provides the pliability and strength of a hi-tech plastic frame (composite frame). The frame is sturdy and works well in gripping shock to safe your child’s spine. The FirstBIKE Limited Bike is on the light-weight aspect, consideration at simply 8.6 lbs. It’s among the few models that give the convenience of a security stop brake. The brake provides instant stops and works nice for tiny fingers.

The horse saddle is absolutely shaped into a singular arc shape that stops your kid from slipping off throughout rough rides. It is often adjusted with no tools required. The mechanism of this balance bike is restricted to ensure smoother rides. This balance bike is provided with Apple tires designed for any surface.


Award winning German design balance bike

Provides the flexibleness and strength of a high-tech composite plastic frame

Ensures smoother ride

Prevent rough fall and injury

Horse saddle form seat

Simply adjustable while not tools (Quick assemble bike)

Total weight of this bike is 8.6 lbs


2. KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike


KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

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Secondly, I recommend KaZam v2e sports as balance bikes for 5 years. The KaZam balance bike’s unique design could appear uncommon to newbie viewers who haven’t seen a balance bike in life. The KaZam v2e sports a replacement and improved frame design that enhances it’s in patented footrest and permits for correct feet placement. Its classic nevertheless modern attractiveness triggers your little tot to require on the bike while not feeling fearful. The flat-free EVA tires incur no quantity of maintenance and vouch for your child’s safety on all type of land.

Only 8 lbs, the bike is light-weight and simple to maneuver at the abrupt turns and bends of roads. Each the mini-saddle and therefore the handlebars are adjustable, thereby belongings your child grow into the bike effortlessly whereas learning to keep up a steady posture throughout the ride. The sole criticism with this bike is that it’s a small amount too dear. However, the price is truly worthwhile because the KaZam v2e has been designed with high standards of safety and quality.


Special footrest design

Comfy seat and handlebars are simply adjusted in step with kid’s height

Puncture resistant EVA tires

Weight 8 lbs only


3. Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike

Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike


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Then I recommend Joovy Bicycoo as balance bikes for 5 years. Joovy Bicycoo balance bike is racer-style balance bike that doesn’t compromise on quality for look. It is made of aluminum frame and so weight of 8.75 lbs only.  It’s light-weight and simple to glide, particularly on the uneven terrains. This explicit feature conjointly helps your kid to manage his vehicle higher. The tires are gas and therefore supply suspension for a smoother ride. A concise handbrake for the rear tire has been thoughtfully incorporated to make sure higher management over the acceleration throughout reconciliation.

Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike is adjustable and simple to assemble. It will be adjust in just quarter-hour and once your child grows, it will be adjusted consequently to support a weight of up to fifty five lbs. The presence of a luxurious, wide seat makes for a comfortable ride. In fact, some kids have reported riding this bike for ten miles incessantly while not feeling fatigued.

While everything regarding this balance bike, right from the eye-catchy style to the useful balance support, is great, peoples do have a few of complaints with Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike. To start out with, they don’t extremely approve of the grips that are little and made up of foam rather than rubber. Secondly, the seat post isn’t terribly flexible. However, if you’re trying to find a sturdy, fashionable and functionally superior choice, look no more. With this bike, you’ll be able to tick all of your boxes.


Distinctive handbrake with a lot of safety

Aluminum frame ensures a lot of strength

Adjustable saddle height

Pneumatic and wide tires those are refillable


4. Tauki Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle


Tauki Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle

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This balance bike takes solid construction to new heights. It’s a one-piece, top-quality steel frame that’s perfectly sealed and welded to ensure most sturdiness. The Tauki child Balance Bike weighs 11 lbs and has the capability to support children consideration up to 55.12 lbs.

The seat of the bike is adjustable from 12.6 to 15.75 inches. The handlebars can also be elevated from 19.49 to 20.47 inches. The adjustments are without any tool. The ease-of-adjustment makes the bike ideal for 2 to 5 years old kids. In terms of height, it will match 25 to 34 inches tall kids. The bike is provided smooth ride and better traction with 12-inch gas tires


High-grade steel frame offer most sturdiness

Adjustable seat height and bar square measure simply adjusted with none tool

Adjustable seat height and handlebar are simply adjusted without any tool

Pneumatic rubber tires offer sander ride

Total weight- 11 lbs

Weighing capability up to 55.12lbs


5. RoyalBaby 12 inch Kid’s Balance Bike


RoyalBaby 12 inch Kid’s Balance Bike

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The RoyalBaby 12 inch Kid’s Balance Bike forms a lovely and thoughtfully designed alternative for little kids who want for a big-kid ride. Utterly empty plastic shields with cartoon characters or silly cushioned bars, this bike has the standard look of a mountain bike.

Your child is bound to like the knotty particularization that it incorporates. There’s an explicit house for keeping little appurtenances sort of a bottle, mop or fruits. Moreover, it comes in a 12 inch size that produces it apt for riders aged between 2-4 years. The presence of compact parts just like the rear handle makes it easier to load the bike onto the SUV for family rides.

The RoyalBaby 12 inch Kid’s Balance Bike’s seat is very comfy that your kid will simply ride up to nine miles at a stretch. It’s additionally significantly lighter than other models.

There is just one complain with this product- the wheels fail to spin smoothly. On the other hand, the build quality of this bike is superior enough to reward you with years of smooth use.


Steel Mono-tube frame

12” steel rims with gas tires

Comfortable padded seat with adjustable seat height (14.5 to 16 inches)

Adjusting seat and seat height is very simple while not tools

Comfy padded handlebars

Bike weight – 13 lbs only

Last word

The above Balance Bikes are one of the best you can get for your child. These balance bikes are priced well to save lots of you from having to pay a fortune. And with the reasonable price, you get what everybody wishes during a balance bike: superior quality, comfort and safety. I recommend them to any parent is finding out balance bikes for 5 years old child.


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