Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 Years Old Children|14- Inch Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 Years Old Children|14- Inch Balance Bikes


Are you searching for the best 14 inch Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 years old children?  Don’t go anywhere because here you will find the top levels of balance bike which most popular in the world for your 3, 4, 5, & 6 years old children. A balance bike is probably the ideal way to train youngsters just how to prefer to ride a bicycle. The bike is an extremely simple solution to learn because it’s lightweight as well as simple to be able to stability.

Most of the parent’s concern about a safety issue that a balance bike can give full save without any major injuries. But the entire balance bike offers top levels of safety issues so that your kids learn to ride without any major injuries.

Best 8 Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, and 6 years

As I said, I have tried to pick up the bikes with better quality. And since your child is who will be riding it, I have tried to choose the colorful ones so that they like it. With that said, let’s proceed with the review.

Strider – 14 inch Balance Bike

Strider is the number one product of our list of Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 years. It is one of the most popular balance bikes in your local shop and online market. Strider bike gives your children more confidence and improves riding skills. First time all the parents don’t consider pedal bikes because of safety issues but after reading full reviews about the balance bike, I hope to clear your all confusion.

Strider is one of the famous brands in the bike world, many people like this brand because of well reputation by making a bike and gives more riding fun. The bike comes with two different colors awesome blue and fantastic green the entire bike best for your two years old kids.

The outstanding stylish design with fitted thing grips gives you more comfortable riding facilities. Thin bar grips make an excellent bike for a control balance bike. Comfortable and Adjustable seat gives you height adjustment faculties for your children needed.

The footers are perfect for learning to balance and glide until they’re ready for pedals. Footers is one of another important issue for balance bike which saves your riding journey. Let’s check another best one.

Key Features:

High-quality balance bike for children
Lightweight and rustproof alloy frame
Adjustable ride feel
Big wheels are better
Handy for parents
Simple design bike
Top levels reviews and rating
The Best customer services


Large 14 inches air tires
The Best upright geometry for newer
Durable steel frame design
Comfortable seating positions
Non-slip footer
Instant goal success bike
Improved confidences levels
Perfect transition
Great bike for the beginner
Transition pedals bike
Great balance bike for the price


Heavy balance bike for kids
No hand brake options

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Frame – Steel
Adjustable seat – 16 to 23 inches
Weight – 12 pounds
Weight capacity – 65 LBS
Tire: – Rubber tires
Recommended Age – 3 to 7 years

Ridgeback Scoot XL 14 inch Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 years

The ridgeback scoot balance bike is the number two product of our list of Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 years. It is another top-rated bike yet. It is one of the most popular balance bikes all over the world. The ridgeback scoot bike gives your children hassle-free smooth-riding facilities to increase more confidence levels and those who want to learn how to ride a balance bike.

The bike designs aluminum alloy frame material and comes with four different colors to suit any taste. The impeccably painted finish with decals under the topcoat makes easy to clean and wash. Different kids like a different color so Bike Company discover more color for easy to choices your kid’s favorite bike colors.  

The excellent Rear V-brake offers sure-stopping power and brake cable is routed through the frame for a clean line. Brake is one of the most important elements for your children’s bike. It gives you a lot of benefits when your kids riding a balance bike it will help from serious injuries.

Not too big, not too small, the ridgeback scoot XL 14 inch Balance Bike is the perfect Balance Bike for 3 to 6 years old children and who like riding a balance bike. If you have not a money issue, so I recommend that pick up this bike and gifted your lovely kids, see that your children are very happy for getting this excellent colorful balance bike.

Key Features:

Aluminum alloy material frame
Best rating balance bike
A perfect bike for children
Air-filled tires
Easy reach brakes
Lightweight bike for easy control
V-brakes give your sure stop facilities


Solid balance bike for children
Wide, Stable handlebars
Comfortable for riding positions
Easy to install all bike parts
High-quality material
Adjustable seating positions
Long wheelbase for stability and longevity
Not so big, not so small


Exposed bolts
Price is a little high

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Frame – Aluminum
Adjustable seat – 16 to 22 inches
Weight – 12.5 pounds
Tire: – Puncture resistant Rubber tires
Recommended Age – 4 to 7 years

Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 years

The Early rider road runner balance bike easily makes our top three list of the best balance bike for your lovely children. The bike design with very stylish and offer your kids a lot of riding excitement, because most children love stylish and color full things so it is one of the greats gifts for your children.

The rider balance bike arrives in lots of exciting features and delivers supers value. The lightweight aluminum frame makes a perfect balance bike for your kids and gives smooth and quiet riding. Hand brushed and lacquered diamond frame looks nice a stylish bike and gives more balance for safe riding.

The most important issue of this bike is riveted, faux leather seats it is very comfortable and stable for all age users. If your kids short or tall you can adjust your need when you think about a balance bike. The mechanism of the bike is very simple, easy to install for easy riding. I hope this bike full-fill you all need.

Key Features:

Lightweight aluminum frame
Lightweight aluminum fork and Steerer
Pneumatic wheels
Sealed cartridge bearings
Drop bars for road feel
Hand brushed and lacquered diamond frame
Integrated treadle headset
Riveted, faux leather seat
Top-rated balance bike
Top levels customers’ services


Cheap price balance bike
Water and weatherproof
Great starter bike
Fantastic balance bike
14 inches pneumatic wheels
Weight 3.6 kg
Maximum seat height 47.5 cm
Suggested age 3 to years
Well branded company


No cons at the moment 

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Frame – Aluminum
Adjustable seat – 16 to 22 inches
Weight – 11.17 pounds
Tire: – Maintenance-free EVA tires
Recommended Age – 3 to 6 years

QIANI Balance Bike 2 in 1 for 3 to 7 Years Old

Based on customers’ reviews and ratings this QIANI Balance Bike (2 in 1 for 3 to 5 Years Old) is the best favorite balance bike for your 3 to 5 years old boys and girls. Most parents want to give the best performance bike for their boys or girls, so these companies offer many years top levels performance bike for riding or sporting.

It has a super-strong yet lightweight high carbon steel frame. this balance bike is easier to control than a heavier option, adjustable handlebar and saddle allow your kids ages and height. The balance bike especially makes for young kids. It is easy to ride and stride your kids. The air tires are pneumatic and refillable for a smooth and soft drive; the suspension qualities of the bike tires give a much comfortable ride. 

The bikes are available in two different colors for different kids. If you have any special color on both of the bikes so you can consider any one of these. I hope QIANI Balance Bike gives you a lot of fun when you start riding your journey.

Key Features:

360-degree steering handle
Widened anti-skid Inflatable Tires
Sensitive handbrake
Kids bike strong Kickstand
Balance Non-slip footrest
non-slip and comfortable grips


Lightweight but strong sturdy bike
East to assemble
Stylish design
Quick delivery
A lot of riding fun
Developed confidence levels
Soft-touch hand grips


No cons

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Frame – high carbon steel
Adjustable seat – 16 to 23 inches
Tire: – Pneumatic Rubber Tires
Recommended Age – 3 to 5 years

Ybriefbag -Sports 14 inch Balance Bike

Fifth bike on our list! The bicycle child 14-inch balance bike gives your kids 100% hassle and injuries free-riding excitement. If you have not considered another best level of balance bike, so it Is one of the best for you to consider the list. Because of outstanding performance and features makes an incredible balance bike

The great balance bike arrives from two training wheels for keeping more balance of your child’s, which is very helpful for your children who just want to learn a kid’s bike. Although training wheels do not adjust your balance bikes it will help grow confident levels.

Different kids like different colors so the balance bike offers three different colors for the different heights. If your kid’s height too small or too longs it does not matter because it provides seat adjustment opportunities for different height users. If you want that safely learn your kid’s balance bike ride so it is perfect for your thinking.

Aluminum frame for more stability
Anti-slip handlebar forget more balance
Air tires for off-road sporting
Comes in three different colors
A lightweight bike give your kids more balance
Very stylish design with safely riding
Best customer services and quick deliveries
More than five minutes needed to install

Comfortable seat with handlebars
Included two training wheels
Very easy to install
Ride with more comfort
Safely learn to ride
Easy to move up to pedal bike
Great price for this bike
Anti-slip handlebars
Walking bicycle


It is smaller than other balance bikes

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Frame – Steel
Adjustable seat – 16 to 22 inches
Weight – 11.02 pounds
Tire: – Air tires
Recommended Age – 3 to 6 years

K.L.T 14 inch Balance Bike for 3 to 6 years old toddler

K.L.T 14 inch Balance Bike is another one on our list of Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 years old children. This is an ideal lightweight model for a balance bike. Its seat height is from 15.35 to 19.69 inches and handlebars height is from 20.5 to 22.4 inches-typically two to three years. There are lots of excitement balance features forget more balance and save your riding balance. Most of the kids use a balance bike to increase confidence and get waking balance. It delivers super sporting facilities to any other balance bike.
This is one of the most popular bikes in the online shop or local market. The price of this balance bike is very cheap for all types of users who want to really like to ride a balance bike. The K.L.T 14 inch Balance Bike comes in three different colors for different kid’s users who like a different color for walking or riding a bike.
Adjustable handlebar for easy to control and well-balanced with adjustable padded seat for quick release clam. The good things about the balance bike are Flat-free EVA polymer tires give your kids more grip off-road or on road. Basically, it is very easy to assemble no more than five minutes requires according to K.L.T Balance Bike website. All site of this bike is superb for all user, I hope you will consider for your children.

Key Features

It is children bike age requires 3 to 6 years
Ride with control and safety
Compact design balance bike for kids
Brand new and high-quality balance bike
Very easy to install systems
Padded seat and Non-slip handle grips


Adjustable seat and handlebars
Good quality and great for toddlers
User-friendly price
Inflation rubber tires
Very easy to use or control
Super customer services
Lightweight walking bike


Some people report about handlebars

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Frame – Carbon Steel
Adjustable seat – 15.35 to 19.69 inches
Weight capacity – 130 pounds
Tire: – Inflation rubber tires
Recommended Age – 3 to 6 years

SOPHM5 Bicicle 14 inch Balance Bike 

Without any doubt, the SOPHM5 Bicicle 14 inch is the last product of our list of Balance Bikes for 3, 4, 5, & 6 years, and also a great consideration for a girl’s or boys’. The bike designs in especially girls or boys both user, non-pedal sport walking kids balance bike pneumatic wheels tire with super adjustable handlebar and saddle. SOPHM5 Bicicle can help your youngster to increase the capacity of the balance during your body before learning to ride a bike. It is the best gift for your lovely kids.

The saddle and handlebar are adjustable and give your kids more balance during the riding time. It has height adjustable system for different body type’s children, so if your soon small or tall it is no trouble. Thick cushion saddles offer your boys and girls the most comfortable ride, giving your children care and concern to the greatest extent.
The Balance Bike has no exposed bolts that will scratch the child’s thigh. The 360° competitive rotating handlebar is not tired after playing for a long time and is easy to control. To ensure normal riding, this Balance Bike allows children to bend their knees slightly and push the bicycle with their feet. Balance bicycles are very suitable for children.

Key Features:
100% Durable And Safe
Safety And Environmental Protection
Better Early Development
Non-slip handlebar and saddle
No pedal sport balance bike
Easy to assembly systems
Adjustable height for the different body type
Pneumatic wheels

Awesome balance bike
Great for your toddler
Perfect for learning
Nice gift ever
Eco-friendly bike
Carbon steel material
Unique color
Goes very smoothly

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Some customers report that all essential information not include but it is not true

Last word:

And times up! So these are 14-inch balance bikes that deliver proper value. Hope by now you have found the best one for your kid. If you have any kind of disagreement or suggestion about the list, don’t hesitate to hit me up through the comment section. Goodbye!

Why are you consider the best 14 inch Balance Bikes for 3 to 6 years old


Lightweight is the main issue for considering 14 inch Balance Bike because all the users age under 3 to 6 so it is the most important matter for your consideration. Sometimes most parents don’t consider the lightweight issue and that why face a huge problem.


Price is not a big reason when you think a bike for your lovely kids. If you have not money issue, so I suggest that here all the bikes are very well for your children who really like it. The balance bike is best for a birthday gift.

Seat height range:

All of the entire bikes are very suitable for your children height range.  All of the bike seat height 13 inches to 20 inches that’s perfect for your children height. Before considering surely check your kid’s height and seat height.

Branded bike:

Remember also that branded bike also gives you top levels of equipment and hassle-free riding faculties.


Although all the bike companies don’t provide non-slip handlebars but here all the balance bikes have great handlebars for comfortable riding with an adjustable system for different height of body type. 

Warranty facilities:

Most of the balance bike gives you one-year warranty facilities and free shaping opportunity but some retailer gives you a 100% money-back grantees. So I hope it is enough for you consideration the best one balance bike.

Bottom line

Finding the best balance bike is not very easy and simple at all. You need to check all the essential features before considering the best one. Here the entire balance bike comes with top levels of an excellent feature with a super performance for learning your kids. If you are on a tight budget you can consider anyone best balance bike for your lovely boys and girls.

I also recommend that without any confutation you can consider anyone for your youngster in our list. Because the entire balance bike is more comfortable and more suitable for any type of road. If you like my Top 8 best balance bike for 3, 4,5, and 6 years old children reviews, so don’t forget to share your family and community. If you have any confutation and question ask me below, I will try my level best.

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