Balance Bikes for 2 Years: Guideline & Reviews

You have a child which age is 2-years-old and you are thinking about the balance bike for it before that let me explain something as a guideline and reviews of exciting balance bikes One among the simplest experiences you’ll ever gift to your kid is connecting with nature. That doesn’t mean taking long walks within the woods and reveling within the verdure, however rather riding through the off-beaten methods and exploring the myriad hideouts of creatures.

For this to occur, a balance bike is a must. The latter may be a durable vehicle that enables your kid to seamlessly graduate from his push-toy and master the fundamentals of riding as well as balancing before learning to ride the pedal bike. Packed with lots of safety features, a balance bike is high on comfort quotient too. Its eye-catchy style and dynamic color build it a moment hit with the small tots. 

How to choose the Balance Bikes for 2 Years old?

To choose a balance bike is not very difficult for parents. To avail the total variation of benefits from one, you wish to choose a balance bike that matches your little tot and permits for a simple ride.
Here are a collection of features to think about once choosing the best child bike for 2-year-old.


Balance bikes are typically offered with 10 to 20-inch tires, with the most popular size being 12″. For the two-year-old child, the 12-inch bikes are an appropriate place to start out. However, since the frames of the 12-inch bikes vary greatly with size for starter child, it’s perpetually safer to admit the minimum as well as maximum seat height of the bike, rather than its tire size.



By rule of thumb, the balance bike shouldn’t weight over thirty percent of your kid’s weight. In details, you have a child weight 100 lbs then you can go ahead for 30 lbs weighted balance bike. Whereas a 10 lbs balance bike is very heavy for twenty-five pounds, 2-years old child to glide around, this might very easy for thirty-five pounds, 4-year old child. Therefore, the weight of the balance bike will matter. An honest suggestion would be to buy a light-weight balance bike for your 2-years old child.



Tires of balance bikes could also be solid foam, plastic, rubber or pneumatic. Pneumatic (air) tires are the best of all without doubt as they provide most traction and cushion. They permit a smooth ride, regardless of the piece of ground. Pneumatic tires with unshapely tread are best suited for children who’re assured concerning their balancing skills and would love to find out advanced skills within the same.


Seat Height:

Actually, the bikes meant for two-year-old have a minimum seat height 10 to 26.5 inch. No matter if the minimum seat height of your prospective bike, as long because it is one inch below your child’s inseam, it’s fine. If you’re at a loss of your child’s inseam, take into account crucial it with a hardcover book. Simply have your kid pinch the book between his legs so step by step raise the book till it reaches his crotch. Following this, live the lengths from the ground to the book’s finish. The value you get is your kid’s inseam.


Comparison of Balance Bikes for 2 Years old


Croco Premium & Ultra-Light4.3 lbsAluminumEVA polymerCheek Price

Vilano Children's5.5 lbssteelFoamCheek Price

Bixe Extreme Light4 lbsAluminumFoamCheek Price
RoyalBaby 12 inch
13.0 lbssteelPneumatic (air)Cheek Price
Radio Flyer Glide & Go
8.7 lbssteelPneumatic (air)Cheek Price

Vilano Rally5.5 lbssteelFoamCheek Price
Strider -12 Sport6.7lbssteelFoamCheek Price

Strider -12 Pro5.3 lbsAluminumPneumatic (air)Cheek Price
High Bounce - 126.5 lbssteelFoamCheek Price
Cruzee Ultralight4.4 lbsAluminumPneumatic (air)Cheek Price


Reviews of top 5 best Balance Bikes for 2 Years old


1. Croco Premium Ultra-Light Balance Bike

TheCroco balance bike permits your kid to be told a way to balance before pedaling; making the transition to a pedal bike easier. Children just straddle the bike with their both feet on the ground and easily propel the bike by walking or running.

Among the advantages of exploitation this model are reasonable rating, maintenance-free air tires, and a light-weight construction, that enables for an awfully hassle-free experience at balance and riding. The most important criticism with this model is that it develops child’s coordination and confidence while mastering riding earlier

With the spanking new balance bike from TheCroco Balance Bike, you’ll dump all the scraped knees and falls that go together with bike riding. This explicit bike is intended in an exceedingly thanks to let your child balance himself by straddling and propellant exploitation his feet, such as walking.


Aluminum frame
Adjustable seat and handlebar
Flat free EVA polymer tires
Gripped footrest
Ultra soft hand grips
Padded seat

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2. Vilano Children’s Balance Bike No-pedal Push Bicycle

We think you may have heard of Vilano Bikes and its nice ingenuity within the world of balance bikes. This balance bike is considered one among its flagship models. It’s a durable bike that comes during a light-weight construction of 5.5 pounds.

The frame is formed of steel and powder coated to confirm most sturdiness and higher scratch resistance. It’s finished in a lovely blue color that adds to its magnificence and elegance. The seat is adjustable and the handlebars also. The bike is fit for 2 and 3 years old children.

The 12 inch tires are in diameter and are available during a flat-free design that copes well with the rough piece of land. There’s sufficient cushioning on the seat for additional comfort. A rubberized grip is enclosed on the handlebars to produce nice control and steering. And to announce your presence, the bike is supplied with a bell for timely alerts. This bike takes your child’s balance and coordination skills to a full new level.


Features of Vilano Childrens Balance Bike:

It helps in easier transition to pedal bikes

Frame is formed of steel ensures maximum sturdiness

It has adjustable seat height and handlebar

It has exclusive bell and handlebar pad

Light-weight construction of 5.5 pounds

Customized suitable for 2 and 3 years old children

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3. Bixe Extreme Light Balance Bike for Kids and Toddlers

You want to teach your growing child balance and steering which give your child experience in learning to ride a bike and prepare for a traditional bike
Without hesitations go forward for 12 – inch Extreme Light Balance Bike from Bixe.
Bixe 12 inch is built with an all aluminum frame; so this bike is very lightweight that carrying it for a toddler is a piece of cake. It gives them a sense of control of their very first ride.


Features of Bixe Extreme Light Balance Bike

Super Lightweight
All aluminum frames
Flat free foam tires
Simple set up
Safe from Risk of Injury
Funny to ride


Frame – Aluminum
Age range – 18 months to 5 years
Seat Adjustment – 11 to 17 inches
Handlebar Adjustment – 20 to 24 inches
Weight – 4 lbs
Weight Capacity – 60 lbs
Tires – 12 inches foam tires
Color – green
Rated – 4.5 out of 5 stars

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4. RoyalBaby 12 inch Kid’s Balance Bike

RoyalBaby 12 inch Kid’s Balance Kid’s Bike forms a lovely and thoughtfully designed alternative for tiny kids who want for a big-kid ride! Completely devoid of plastic shields with cartoon characters or silly cushioned bars, this balance bike has the standard look of a bike.
Your child is certain to like the involved particularization that it incorporates! There’s an ingenious area for keeping little equipment sort of a bottle, mop or fruits.
Moreover, it comes in an exceedingly 12 inch size that support for the riders aged between 2-4 years. The presence of compact parts just like the rear handle makes it easier to load the bike onto the SUV for family rides.
The RoyalBaby 12 Inch Kid’s Bike’s seat is very comfy that your kid will simply ride up to nine miles at a stretch. It’s additionally significantly lighter than different models.
There is only one complain with this product- the wheels fail to spin smoothly. On the other hand, the build quality of this bike is superior enough to reward you with years of smooth use.



Steel Mono-tube frame
12” steel rims with gas tires
Comfortable padded seat
Adjustable seat height (14.5” to 16”)
Tools free adjustment
Comfortable padded handlebars

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5. Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike

The Radio Flyer kicked off as a preferred wagon, at first, this brand has quickly ushered into the scene of the best balance bike. The Radio Flyer Glide & Go has been designed specifically for child who are concerning learning to ride. Being a two-wheeled bike, it needs your kid to balance instead of pedal to create his manner through uneven terrains and fast turns.

With a frame of solid steel, it’s built to face up to the trials of your time and use. Like several different balance bike, this one includes an adjustable seat too. However, in contrast to different models, the seat is soft, comfortable and comes in eye-catchy colors that infuse a zest of interest to the educational experience. Radio Flyer Balance Bike’s tires are traction tread. This implies they permit your kid to stay moving while not tripping over once riding on the walk or the most roads.

When it involves accessories, the Radio Flyer is well-endowed. Its elegant bell connected to the handlebars changes your kid to possess fun whereas riding and even keep you alert to his movements. Who knows, perhaps down the road one of the happiest recollections that you’ll have of your kid is him riding whereas ringing his bell!



Light-weight steel frame
Comfortable padded seat
Adjustable seat height
12 inch air tires
Soft hand grips
Ringing bell connected to the handlebars

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6. Vilano Rally Balance Bike

This bike is that the excellent gift to stay your child entertained. Its engaging nevertheless elegant design makes it ideal for young kids. Learning to ride and balance a Balance Bike could be an immense step during kid’s life and this bike eases the progress of your child.

Vilano Rally, in contrast to training wheels and tricycles, enable children to master balance while not help. Therefore, this specific push bike takes pedaling all out of the image, making it easier for your kid to specialize in balancing only. Currently once they become able to ride a pedal bike, they’ll obtain a lot of quicker, considering that they already are comfortable to balance. All they need to try and do is solely pedaled.

Made from sturdy steel, Vilano Rally Balance Bike is light-weight yet durable. It comes with softly padded handlebars, moreover as light-weight foam tires that ne’er go flat. The problem with this model is that it’s a small amount tough to wash and also the paint chips off in not up to a year.


Features of Vilano Rally Balance Bike

Durable steel frame

Extremely light-weight balance bike, total weight 5.5 pounds

Adjustable seat height and handlebars

Easy to assemble

Have footrests to grow confidence

No-flat foam tires

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The Balance Bikes for 2 Years old ought to be light-weight, enticing style, incorporates an exclusiveness of newest features, right from the 12-inch tires and extra hand brakes to removable footrest and safe speed limits.

All the balance bikes that I actually have listed and reviewed on top of incorporating these features and for a lot of. They’re sturdy, time-worthy and not as pricey as you think. Most significantly, they permit your 2-year-old toddler to make a smooth and natural transition from his ride-on toy and learn balance even before graduating to the pedal bike.

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