Balance Bike Vs Trike

Balance Bike Vs Trike | Which One Is To Choose For Your Child?

Cycling is part of learning to grow their health in your child’s life. Even cycling can help to learn more necessary skills continuously. So, being a parent, you may think of getting your toddler a bike. However, in this situation, almost all parents can’t choose the right one between a balance bike vs trike.

Last year, my toddler turned 2, and I was confused about what I should buy for her as a birthday present. At last, I decided to buy a kids bike for her. However, I can’t understand what to choose as there are so many vehicle options. And finally, I figured out the suitable one for her and made her the happiest kid!

If you think about your childhood period, you may decide to get a quite old and unsafe training wheel. Nowadays, you can find many modern bikes like balance bikes and trikes for your kid. In this context, I will share my experience with those modern bikes.

What Is Balance Bike Vs Trike ?

A balance bike is a toddler bike without any pedals, added wheels, and other mechanical parts like a regular bike. It has only two foam tires, brakes, and an adjustable seat. So, riders have to ride on the seat height and run the bike using their legs. Also, balance bike riding is perfect for teaching a little one the works of pedals.

On the other hand, a trike is also a toy vehicle that contains three wheels and two pedals. There is a large seat behind the back and a hand brake near the handlebar. Also, a rider has to drive the bike by using the pedals of this vehicle. This pedal bike can prevent the chances of injury to your toddler.

Toddlers who are 2 years or more should ride bikes and this type of vehicle for their growth. Also, as the child of this age learns to walk fully, they have to do more physical exercises to learn basic motor skills. For this reason, you can use a balance bike and trike mode for the proper growth of your kid.

Though both types of bikes are suitable for kids, there are some factors that you have to consider while choosing. Firstly, both types of bikes have a certain age limit for kids. Besides, your kid’s response is another factor in this case.

Difference Between A Balance Bike And A Trike:

As the two bikes are not the same, there has a huge difference between them. Without knowing the features and pros-cons, you can’t choose the right one. There are chances of picking the wrong one. So, before buying any of them, you first have to understand the difference between both bikes.

Balance Bike

Balance bikes are more popular than another toy vehicle as it has no safety issues. Your child has to use their legs to run the bike by walking. When it is the first time, they can control the bike only by taking small steps. However, they start running after the adjustment.


This toddler bike has no gear, no speed, and no chain. However, kids have to use their feet to run the vehicle by walking. That’s why they can easily learn how to pedal work. Also, when they run an adult bike, this practice will help them use pedals.


Balance bikes are weightless and sturdy. Your kids can easily handle the weight and never face any falling issues. Also, the sturdy structure can give the kid a stable condition while running.


The best feature of the balance bike is its balance. If you want to teach your kid about balance, this bike will be a perfect choice for you. Again, for this reason, your child can start riding on the bike even if they are only 18 months old.


A balance trike is known as the best tricycle. Trikes are three-wheeled vehicle that is an amazing option for toddlers. Also, as it has two pedals, your kid can learn how to handle them. Moreover, there is the best option in this vehicle. If your kid becomes tired, it allows taking a rest of the feet.


Through this vehicle, the little rider can attach directly to the pedals. That’s why they can understand the pedals and how they work. Also, trikes have three wheels that can easily carry the weight.


This vehicle is quite heavy than other bikes as it has three wheels. Also, the back seat is large and hardy. Some trikes have a parent steering that can support the rider at the resting time.


Though it contains three wheels, it can’t afford balance when the rider runs the bike over uneven surfaces. Also, it can’t increase the speed while running.

Which One Is The Suitable For Your Child?

Now, I will describe the most significant part about which one is suitable. Though choosing the right vehicle is only up to you, some common facts to consider. If your kid is 2 years or more and can walk, you can get a balance bike for them. It can increase the growth of your kid as well as the walking and balancing.

Besides, you should get your child a trike if they are less than 2 years old. Trikes will be safe and secure for your baby as it has less possibility of injury. Again, the big seat and parent handle provide you with more advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Age Is Best For A Balance Bike?

Answer: A balance bike will be the best when your kid is 2 years older. Balance bikes are perfect for teaching scaling to your kids. However, it is good for kids around 2 years or more. As the balance bike needs walking for running, the rider must know the walking.

2. Is A Trike Better Than A Bike?

Answer: Trike is better for the kids who are less than 2 years. This vehicle has three wheels. And that’s why the rider can easily run it by using pedals. So, for a less than 2 years old kid, the trike is better than a bike.

3. Is It Better To Start With A Balance Bike?

Answer: If you have a child of 2 years old, you should start with a balance bike. Otherwise, the trike is a good option. A balance bike can teach your toddler the balancing quickly.

4. Is A Tricycle Easier Than A Bike?

Answer: A toddler tricycle known as a trike is easier than a bike. A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle. That’s why kids of any age can easily ride on a tricycle.

5. Is A Trike Safer Than A Bike?

Answer: A trike will be safer when you’re running over a smooth field. However, if you want an all-rounder, balance bikes will be the only option. It can handle both smooth and narrow ground.

Final Thoughts

Your kids need to ride a vehicle after learning the walk. So, it is quite normal to become confused between a balance bike vs trike. However, a balance bike and trike will be the best option if you choose the right one.

Your toddler will get the right one with the perfect vehicle, and your investment will become successful. So, get your kid the proper one and enjoy their growth!

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