Balance Bike for 7-Year-Old

Balance Bike for 7-Year-Old

As a parent, it seems to be difficult to choose a perfect bike for a growing kid Balance Bike for 7-Year-Old. There are numerous things that you have to keep in mind if you are going to buy a good quality bike for your growing kid.

Here, we will guide you to highlight some important points so that you can easily buy one of the best bikes for your 7-year-old child. When it comes to choosing the best bike for children the only name that comes to our mind is “The balance bike”.

Ripple balance bikes are wonderfully made and feature the best of the best components. Let’s dig into the ripple balance bike’s different components. 

What is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is peddled bike for children. Which gives them the experience of riding a real bike. It is the safest bike for a growing childlike 5-7 years as they want to be adventurous. The balance bike teaches the little kids how to run a bike with their legs. A balance bike is so simply organized that no guidance need for a child when they run a bike. For this reason, children can run the bike independently. A balance bike surely boosts a child’s confidence as they can run the bike without anyone’s help. It also gives them the knowledge about balancing and how to run a bike

Children are very curious about nature and always want to do what they see doing the elder. Like many other things, they want to run a real bike.

So, to fulfill the desire of riding a bike the safest bike you can buy for your child is A balance bike as it is specially made for children aged 18 months to 7 years. 

At what age you should get a balance bike for your child?

Balance bikes are specially designed for children. These bikes are fit and suitable for kids aged 18 months to 7 years old. As a parent, you can choose any kind of balance bike for your children as the balance bikes offer you different types of options. So, according to your kid’s age, you can pick any size of balance bike which fits your child.

But, most importantly whether a balance bike is suitable and idle for your child is the length of their legs, not their age. Because, when your child is seated on the balance bike, their feet should be able to touch the ground to run on the bike. As we have already mentioned that a balance bike is a paddle bike so your child’s legs must touch the ground so that they can feel confident while running a balance bike! 

You should be happy to know that there are several available bike options for toddlers to growing up children. So you can decide which balance bike you want for your kid!

What colors are available for a Balance Bike?

As balance bikes are customized only for kids, the color of these bikes has to be very attractive to children. Keeping this point in mind there are several options for a balance bike so that you can buy a balance bike according to your kid’s favorite color.  Some available colors are 

  • Green color balance bike
  • Blue color balance bike
  • Yellow color balance bike
  • Red color balance bike
  • Pink color balance bike
  • Black color balance bike

But, Pink color balance bikes and black color balance bikes are the most popular bikes among the kids!!

Why do kids love a balance bike?

Balance bikes are specially designed for toddlers and growing children. A balance bike is very simply organized. Kids of all ages can easily understand its components and how it works. Children like balance bikes as they require no guidance. Little kids feel independent as they push the bike forward by using their legs. A balance bike is very easy to run and this is the main point why children love this bike. Moreover, balance bikes are very lightweight, and easy to carry. Children. Most importantly they can practice balancing. And they can practice the balancing as much as they want. If they are confident enough about their balancing skill, they can attach the paddles and experience an advanced bike ride!

How to run a balance bike:

A balance bike has to be powered by children’s Running legs as it is a peddling bike. For this reason, little kids aged 18 months to 5/7 years old can run this bike very happily. Little children firstly may walk the bike holding the handle and after some days they can gain confidence to run the bike faster. But in some balance bikes, there are available options to attach the paddle for growing children!! And this is the coolest thing about a balance bike. A 7-year-old kid can eventually attach the paddle if they want to be advanced. Some important steps should be maintained while children are on a balance bike. The steps are below:

  • Walking the bike
  • Running the bike
  • Striding 
  • Gliding 

Once they start gliding it means they are quite experts in balancing. 

How can you teach your child to run a balance bike perfectly?

Every person remembers some of the best memories of their childhood. And when we try to memorize how we first learned to ride a bike or a bicycle then we can recall our parent’s faces. 

Every parent wants to guide their child when they try to start the journey of riding a bike! Parents want to build confidence in their kids so that little kids can start practicing. As a parent there are a few things to remember when you want to guide your child:

  • Firstly, buy a perfect-size balance bike for your kids according to their age and the size of their legs.
  • After that find an open place near your house so that you can easily teach and guide your child when they are running the bike
  • Wear a perfect headset so that you can be confident that if your child falls from the bike accidentally they do not get hurt.
  • Adjust the seat height of the balance bike so that they can feel comfortable while running the bike
  • Teach them how to rotate the handlebars and when they need to apply.
  • Ensure that your child’s legs are touching the ground
  • If the balance bike has a handbrake then tell them how to use it.
  • After that, give them a gentle push so that they can move the bike forward.
  • If you have a growing child aged 7 years then teach him how to attach the paddle to a balance bike.
  • If your growing kid is going to ride a paddle bike for the first time try to boost his confidence. 

Why you should buy a balance bike?

A balance bike has one of the best components for which you can ensure that your child will be safe while enjoying the ride. The main components of a balance bike are 

  • Wheels and tires
  • Rotating Handlebars 
  • Effective Hand break
  • Best Headset

These components made the balance bike unique, trustable, and safe for children so any parent can buy this bike without worrying!

Main Components Details:

Wheels and tires:

One of the main components of a balance bike is the wheel and tires. Most of the bike wheels are plastic rims and foam tiers. But the balance bikes have steel rims and air tires. There are lots of benefits of air tires. As air tires give the children the best experience of riding. Air tires will offer more cushioning and grip so that your kid can keep up with the balance. Your little kid can ride a balance bike on any kind of surface.

 It doesn’t matter if the surface is muddy or smooth, air tires give the best experience of riding a bike. Moreover, your child won’t feel bumps and jumps while running the balance bike on uneven roads. Wheels and tires are very important components as the quality of a balance bike depends much on them. So if you are going to buy a balance bike for your kid make sure that you will check the wheels and tires properly.

Adjustable Rotating Handlebars:

Rotating handlebars are another key element of a balance bike. It will ensure that your child can go anywhere they want. This component will give the option to choose wherever they wish to go. Riding a bike in the same direction for too long is kind of boring. That is why balance bikes bring the most attractive handlebars. The handlebars are adjustable and easy to rotate and kids do not have to struggle to rotate the handlebars. They can easily change the direction and enjoy their ride!

There are three rotating positions of handlebars:

  •  Tallest rotating position: Children who are growing fast aged 3-7 years old can seat upright and go for the tallest position. They will get an advanced experience of riding a bike and this will increase their self-confidence. 
  • Center position: Children who are riding a balance bike for the very first time and do not have the experience earlier can go for the center position. This center position will help them to know about the basic features of this bike and it will grow their confidence in themselves 
  • For kids who are very adventurous and want to experience fast riding the lowest rotating position is for them. But before that as a parent, you have to ensure that your child is learning. After that, your child will have the most amazing journey of riding a bike.

Perfect headset:

You cannot always check your child every time they are playing outside. How can you ensure that your kid is safe while running a balance bike? For the safety of your child, the balance introduces you to the best of best headset! The good quality headset will ensure that your child is running the bike safely and enjoying every moment.

The headset illustrates the responsiveness of a balance bike. The headset has the best manufacturer, for this reason, this is also known as the Cane Creek headset. You do not have to repair this every time. 

Wearing a headset will boost your kid’s confidence and they won’t get scared while running a bike on uneven road.

The Saddle:

The saddle is where your little kid sits on the bike. This part is also very important as it will comfort your child while riding a bike. You must check if the saddle foam is soft or not. Some low-quality saddle cushion is not at all soft. Also, the saddle should fit properly on the bike. It will be uncomfortable for your kid if the saddle will move from its place while running the bike. So as a parent you must check the saddle to ensure the comfort of your little kid.

Do balance bikes have breakers? 

Generally, most balance bike comes with no breakers. But few balance bikes have effective hand breakers for the growing kids aged 5-7 years. 

For toddlers and little kids, it is okay if their balance bike does not have a handbrake. It is because they run the bike slowly and they can stop the bike by dragging their feet off the ground. 

Sometimes it is hard to stop the bike every time with the legs of little kids as it needs a lot of strength! And what if your child is running the bike at high speed and could not stop the bike in time! 

For growing kids aged 7 years, it is very important to have a balance bike with handbrakes. As they are growing fast and want to ride the bike at high speed the handbrake is a must for them. 

A hand brake that your child can stop the balance bike very easily even if they ride the bike on uneven roads. So, if you are thinking to buy a balance bike for a 7-year-old kid then buy the one with the perfect handbrake.

Also, do not forget to teach your child how the handbrake works when they are going to ride for the very first time.

Different types of balance bikes for children:

There are many options when it comes to a balance bike. You can choose a balance bike for your little one wisely as there are different types of bikes available on market. Here we are trying to mention some of the popular bikes and their features:

Strider 12 sport balance bike:

Strider 12 sport balance bike is one of the most popular bikes on the market because of its simplicity and high-quality components. The size of this bike is adjustable and very light-weighted, and the saddle is perfect for the children to run the bike. 

The cost of this popular bike is between 100-110 dollars.

Co-op Cycles REV 12 kid’s balance bike:

This balance bike has air tires and alloy wheels so it will give more cushioning. Your child can ride this bile on any surface and won’t feel any bumps and jumps. Although it is heavier than the strider 12 sportbike. The seat height is comparatively lower than the strider 12 sportbike.

The cost of REV 12 is much higher than that of the most popular strider 12 bike. The price range is 139 dollars. 

The banana bike LT V2:

The banana LT bike is very budget-friendly. If you want to buy a bike for 100 dollars then this Nike can be the best option for you. Here some other good points of the banana bike are –

  • Low stand-over height
  • Light-weight 
  • Foam tiers

But it should be mentioned that the foam tiers work fine on uneven surfaces and Carpets but it is quite slippery on hardwood floors.

The price range of this bike is 64 dollars approximately. 

Things to remember when you are buying a balance bike for a 7-year-old kid:


When you are thinking about buying a balance bike the first thing you should notice is the size of the bike. It depends on the inseam. Your child should be able to touch the ground with his/her feet. Try to measure the inseam and if you find that the inseam is longer than the saddle height then your child needs a bigger bike. For example, if your child’s inseam is 15” then you should get a bike within a minimum seat height of 14.5”.


As a parent, you have to keep in mind the budget of a balance bike. Most of the time a good quality balance bike is high in price. And it is because the balance bike is lightweight, has air tires, soft handlebar foam with easy adjusting rotation, a hand breaker, and much more!

But if you search carefully you can buy one of the best balance bikes for 90-110 dollars. 


If you buy a balance bike from a renowned bike shop you can get a good service. Sometimes the parts of the bike can be replaced if there are damaging problems. Also, they ensure the quality of the bike and will give you proper guidance about a balance bike. You can check all the parts of the bike and change the wheels, and handlebars, or you can buy an extra paddle to attach it later!

Normal bike or a balance bike?

Balance bikes are better than a normal bike for little kids. The seat height of a normal bike is comparatively higher than that of a balance bike. Balance bikes are suitable for toddlers, children, and growing kids. But the normal bike is not idle for little kids. The height of a normal bike is fixed but in a balance bireme, the height can be customized according to the child’s comfort. Sometimes the normal bike is heavier than the balance bike. So, to be honest a balance bike is much better than a normal bike for toddlers, children, also for growing kids.

Some key points before you buy a balance bike for7-year-old children:

A balance bike is a very child-friendly bike that boosts their confidence and gives them the room to be independent. A growing child aged 7 years can do a lot of things with a balance bike. If your 7-year-old kid is already mastering balance then it’s time for him/her to do more with the paddles! If you are going to buy a balance bike for a 7-year-old child then keep in mind that your kid is growing faster so the seat height is the first thing you should measure, after that, you should get a balance bike that has the brake as your 7-year-old child will surely want to ride the bike at high speed. Moreover, you can bring paddles so that he/she can have a real bike riding experience! 

Pros and Cons of a balance bike:


  • The balance bike has wide air tires to avoid bumps and jumps. 
  • It comes with the cane creek headset to tackle everything and children feel safe.
  • It has an effective handbrake no controlling the speed of growing kids.
  • An adjustable seat and perfect handlebars height make the balance bike perfect.
  • Easy to climb and get off the bike.


  • Sometimes it is difficult to find a good quality balance bike on a budget.

Final Words:

A balance bike is specifically made for children. The Balance bike helps kids to know about the balancing techniques. It is a primary and a very basic bike so that any kid can learn to ride a bike very easily. We tried to mention some different types of bikes like the most popular bike among the children (strider 12 sport bike), the most budget-friendly bike (banana bike), and the Co-op cycles REV 12 balance bike.

The parts of a balance bike are very important, we also mentioned all the important parts so that you can have the basic idea of a balance bike. The cost of a balance bike is very important. So you must keep that in mind. 

A balance bike is a very good choice for the kids as they want to experience it.

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