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Balance Bike For 1 Year Old: Safe Cycling Of Your Youngster


Balance bike for a 1-year-old is a fantasy for your little angels. Whenever they have one to play with, you will see a great smile on their face.

But you will not want them to fall suddenly or get hurt for sure. The bike they are using should be completely safe because you will want to see your infant enjoying their playtime.

There are so many balance bikes for 1 year old with handles in the marketplace right now. You will be perplexed to pick one among them for your baby. To solve this problem of yours, we have done thorough research. After that, we have made a list of the best balance bike for 1-year-olds. They are:

1. Kedorle Trike Baby Balance Bikes

Are you looking for balance bike toys for 1-year-old gifts boys girls? Kedorle trike or balance bike for 1 year old can be a fine selection for your kid, or you may consider it a gift.

There is a removable pedal on this bike. So you can remove the pedal or attach it whenever you want. The steering can rotate up to 135-degree. Your little darling can play with a lot of comforts.

EVA tires have given the bike a non-slippy feature to maintain security. The length of the tires is 6 inches.

Toddlers start to learn how to balance standing and walk with the assistance of the three wheels of the bike. The bike attachment is effortless, and it takes a couple of minutes only.

Some parts of the bike are:


Brand: Kedorle

Number of Wheels: 3

Size of the Wheel: 6 Inches

Color: Black

Material of the Frame: Steel

Weight: 3500 Grams (7.72 pounds)

Materials: Plastic or metal

Suitable for Age: Toddlers 1 to 3 years old

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2. Bobike Baby Balance Bike for 1-Year-Old

Bobike balance bike for 1-year-old Argos is a unisex balance bike. It is suitable for kids from 10 to 24 months old.

There are four available color balance bikes in the Bobike store.

They are:

Who wouldn’t want to teach their kids proper balance for growing slowly? But it becomes easy when you will take help of any toy.

Bobike balance bikes can do that. Your kid will learn to walk by being stable at a very young age.

The rotation of the wheels is 135 degrees. Thus it ensures not to fall at any side and avoid accidents. 

The cozy seat of the bike is very comfortable to give the young one a relaxed feeling. Wheels are not slippery. So you can let the baby ride with a secured bike.

Installing the bike within 5-7 minutes will save you time. Tools are not needed for that.


Brand: Bobike

Color Availability: 4 Colors

Number of Wheels: 4

Material of the Frame: Steel

Suitable Age: 10 to 24 months old baby

Dimensions: 17.56 x 10.16 x 7.64 (inches)

Weight: 5.06 pounds

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3. Berg Go² Best Balance Bike For 1-Year-Old Boy

Are you looking for a way for your cute baby to learn how to ride a cycle or scooter as a toy? Berg GO² best balance bike for the 1-year-old boy will serve this purpose of yours.

Pedals of the bike are folded. So there is the advantage to using the pedals according to need.

The function of the pedals and steering of the wheels can be controlled individually. So the kid will not lose control and fall on the ground now and then.

Your baby has to ride on it but the feet will be in touch with the floor. Babies will quickly become experts at riding the scooter.

The seven color varieties will make you happy.

The colors are:

BERG GO² balance bike for 1-year-olds, allow your kid to use the bike after growing too.


Brand: BERG Toys

Number of Wheels: 4

Weight: 3.85 Kilograms or 8.47 pounds

Dimensions: 25.59 x 17.72 x 17.32 inches (LxWxH)

Suitable for the age: 1 to 4 years kids

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4. Zaqi Best Balance Bike For 1 Year Old Australia

Are you looking for a perfect birthday present for your 1-year-old little darling? Zaki Amazon balance bike for a 1-year-old baby girl or boy will be an ideal gift item then.

There are two available colors of the Zaqi balance bike:

From the starting time of their walk, it will act as a crucial bike to maintain your kid’s balance. It can move forward and backward too.

The 3 wheels assist your baby to keep balancing with each step. It will be helpful for the kid to learn to walk.

The frame made from carbon steel and wheels of EVA is a long-lasting material. The soft seat pad handlebar grips are very easy-going for the infant bike rider. It increases the confidence of the little doll. 

No slippery materials are used to manufacture the bike. As there are no pedals on the bike, fastening the feet is not possible. 135 degrees of steering can prevent sudden falls.


Brand: ZAQI

Number of Wheels: 3

Material of the Frame: Carbon Steel

Material Of The Handlebar And Wheels: EVA 

Weight: 2.8 kg (6.61 pounds)

Suitable for Age: 1 to 4 Years baby

Max Weight Capacity: 90kg

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5. CVB Balance Bike For 1 Year Old Amazon

CVB balance bike for 1-year-old amazon is an ideal balance bike for your children.

A total of 5 fantastic colors of the balance bikes are:


Toddlers who will learn to bike for the first time will get great support from this balance bike. Pedals are not attached to the bike. So, it will be easy to be stable on the ground for the young one.


The length of the saddle of the bike is from 16.5 to 19.7 inches. It is a good fit for children who are more than 2.6 to 4 feet approximately. Grown-up kids will get enough support from this bike.


The rubber of the grips and tire are expandable and anti-flat. The wheel made from PP increases the balance. The seat has the feature to adjust the children’s heights to let them touch their feet on the floor without difficulty.


The materials used in the balance bike are:

So you may rest assured about the safety of your little darling. 


The frames are produced from the Magnesium Alloy. That is why the balance bikes are very light and let the baby ride with an effortless feeling. 


To install it you have to do two things. They are:




Brand: CVB

Body material: Magnesium Alloy Frame

Number of Wheels: 2

Size: 88cm X 50cm (L X W)

Height of the Seat: 42cm to 50cm

Weight: 3kg or 6.6 lbs

Weight Capacity: 30kg (66.1 lbs)

Suitable for Age: 1 to 5 years baby

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6. ELXSZJ XTZJ Balance Bike For 1 Year Old


ELXSZJ XTZJ balance bike for 1-year-old Australia can create a massive difference in the growing confidence of your minor child.

Kids starting from one and a half till six years old can ride this balance bike. The weight capacity of the cycle is a maximum of 60kg.


The handlebar can rotate up to 360 degrees to maintain the directions. The cushion is produced from very high-quality elastic with the push-buttock style.

Sitting will be comfortable for the tender kids. The grips are made from TPR. Eco-friendly grip features, mushroom cloudy structure, and slip-resistant comfort the toddler will get utilizing this balance bike.




Size of the Wheel: 12 Inches

Number of Wheels: 2

Suspension patterns: Rear and Front

Material of the Frame: Aluminum

Material of the body: Magnesium alloy

Suitable for the age: 1.5 to 6 years old baby

Weight: 0.035 ounces

Suitable height: 80 to 130cm

Weight capacity: ≤60kg

Size: 88.9x40x52cm

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7. N /A WWCEEM Balance Bike For 1 Year Old Halfords

N /A WWCEEM balance bike for 1-year-old Halfords is the perfect selection for your 1 to 6 years old dear baby.

To two available colors are:

You may pick any one color bike which your kid likes most. Tiers of balance bikes are made from high-quality and shock-resistant materials.

N /A WWCEEM balance bike for 1-year-old NZ is fit to ride on the road. Bad conditions of the way will not be an issue while the bike will run on the road.

The paints are entirely harmless and light-colored too. Handles are made from sponges.

Anti-slipping sponges are very soft and cozy-provides complete care for the smooth skin of the children.

Saddles are comfy and provide ultimate comfort to the kid. The adjustable height of the seat goes well with various types of heights.


Brand: N /A

Type: Road Bike

Material of the Frame: Carbon Steel

Suitable for age: 1 to 6 years old

Applicable height: 100 to 120cm

Weight: 3.8kg

Height Of Seat adjustment: 39 to 46cm

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8. WALJX Folding Trike Or Balance Bike For 1 Year Old

Are you looking for a Children’s Trolley style balance bike? WALJX folding trike or balance bike for 1-year-olds can attract your eyes easily with its beautiful design.

The two standard colors of trolley trike they have. They are:

The three-wheel balance bike has got a button too. Folding can be done by pulling the bike once only. There is no need to worry about folding the stroller.

To make your journey easy-going with your baby, you can take this WALJX folding trike or balance bike for a 1-year-old baby.

A storage bag attached to the balance bike can come in handy to keep the necessary belongings of your baby.

Any type of sudden shock is absorbed by the bike; it is manufactured in this way. So how bad the condition of the road is, the trike can handle it quickly.

There is no chance that the little doll will fall on the ground. The hood will not be a problem to look at your kid anytime too.

As the balance bike is lightweight, you can carry it with the baby with a cozy feeling. Burden some feelings will not come to your mind.

You can take your baby riding on the balance bike for the 1-year-old UK on any type of program or occasion.



Brand: WALJX

Attachments: Storage basket with adjustable seat

Suitable for Age: 1 to 6 years old baby

Frame Material: Carbon steel

Number of Wheels: 3

Weight: 11 kg (15.43 Pounds)

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9. TONGSH Kids Balance Bike For 1 Year Old

TONGS Kids balance bike for 1-year-old NZ is one of the best balance bikes for 1 year old.

Because of the magnesium alloy used on the frame, the bike is not weighty at all. Easily the kids can handle this bike.

The three excellent colors of the TONGSH Kids balance bike are:

The tiers are stretchy so that they can adjust in any situation.

Who would not want to develop self-confidence in their child at an early age? A TONGS balance bike will grow the sense of self-confidence and stability in the kid’s mind.

Kids will learn this through playing with their bikes subconsciously. The risk of sudden falling is reduced because of the structure of the cycle.



Material: Magnesium alloy and rubber

Number of Wheels: 2

Weight: 3000 Grams

Weight capacity (maximum): 30 kg

Suitable age: 2to 6 years old baby

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10. ZAQI Baby Balance Bike For 1-Year-Old With Handle

ZAQI baby balance bike for a 1-year-old with handles is one very reliable bicycle for your toddler.

The soft two colors of the ZAQI baby balance bike are:

To move any side with this bike is not complicated for young children with their feet freely.

As there are no pedals on the bike, the kid will not fasten their legs with it. They can ride on it freely.

The three wheels let the baby move with an outstanding balance behind the bike. EVA is used on the wheels and handlebar, and the frame is produced from carbon steel.

These ingredients ensure the long-lasting riding of the bike. Anti-slipping grips give the baby the best control.

The steering can rotate up to 135 degrees and protect your kid from falling on any side.



Brand: ZAQI

Number of Wheels: 3

Weight: 3000 Grams (6.61 pounds)

Materials: Carbon steel and EVA

Ages:1 to 2 Years Old baby

Weight Capacity: 25kg (Maximum)

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Buying Guide: Balance Bike For 1-Year-Old

Parents look for the features while buying the balance bike for 1-year-old Smyth’s kid. The most important features we have sorted out are:


The most important thing to take into account while purchasing the balance bike for 1 year old is the size.

Check properly whether the size fits well for your kid. Don’t pick one too big or smaller than the size of the kid. They will not be able to enjoy riding.


The lighter the bike will be, the more efficiently your child can play with it. So, select a light one. The materials of the cycle are responsible for their weight.


Comparatively, a little bit expensive bikes are lightweight and comfortable than the cheaper ones. Find the one that is appropriate for your young boy or girl.


The best wheels are the ones with air tires. The kid will feel confident enough on these bikes.


Brakes are essential for the kids to stop at once while under challenging situations. Select one with brakes.

Seat Height

Let your child sit once over the seat to find whether it is a good fit for him. It is the ideal way to know the appropriate seat height for the kid.


Grips are the focused part of a bike because the kid will handle its cycle holding the grips. Too thick or thin and uncomfortable grips will not let the baby ride enjoyably.


A: What Is The Appropriate Weight Of A Balance Bike?

Q: The weight of the bike would not be 30 percent more than the baby.


A: What Is The Proper Age For A Balance Bike?

Q: Babies from the age of 1.5 to 7 years can use a balance bike. Most importantly, the kid needs to walk to use it.


A: Is Styling Important?

Q: Attractive designs may please your kid more than simple bikes.


A: Does The Seat Grow Eventually?

Q: Yes. To a specific limit, it grows.


A: Does A Bigger Balance Bike Work Better Than The Smaller One?

Q: The wheel sizes matter in this case. Comparatively, the bigger ones do not work well consistently.


Final Verdict

Balance bikes for 1-year-olds are one of the best toys for the proper growth of kids. Before using one, as a parent, you should use a helmet and knee pads for the safety of your little darling as a must.

We have guided you enough to choose the best balance bike for a 1-year old for your youngster. You can select the Bobike baby balance bike for 1-year-old if you prefer a four-wheel bike.

Tricycles like Zaqi best balance bike for 1-year-old Australia or ZAQI baby balance bike for 1 year old with handle can fit your choice.

If you want a stroller, then WALJX folding trike or balance bike for 1 year old is the best pick for you.

Select the best balance bike for 1 year old and let the baby enjoy the riding!

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