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YGJT Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Kid’s Toys For Riding Joy


YGJT baby balance bikes bicycle kid’s toys are not only bikes. In addition, they are toys that help toddlers to learn to balance. You will find a lot of other baby walker bikes in the marketplaces. But those manufactured by the YGJT company are much more attractive and attract your little angel a lot more because of their playful design.

Because of their characteristics, you may want to see different types of bike toys from the YGJT company. So, we have made a list for you after thoughtful research, saving you time and effort. The best YGJT baby balance bikes bicycle kid’s toys are:

YGJT Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Kids Toys

YGJT is one of the best balance bike for 1 year old’s and is very beautifully designed with four beautiful animal structures. They are:


YGJT mini bike instructions show you their style of bikes. Whenever the handlebar starts to move, the eyes of the bikes will blink eventually. Pedals are absent on the bikes. In addition, the wheels are surrounded. So, you don’t have to be tense that your kids’ feet will fasten with them.

Moreover, the bike can rotate to 135 degrees, which will prevent the baby from falling on the ground suddenly. For safety purposes, the frames are made from steel. Accordingly, the baby walker bike becomes very strong and long-lasting too.

The materials of the wheel and handlebar grips are EVA. On account of that, this bike is environmentally harmless.

The infant can learn balancing by going front and back by walking. Thus it will develop the kid’s confidence level. Besides, I will get limitless enjoyment while playing with this bike.

You can let the kid play with it, whether it is indoor or outdoor.  Assembling the bike is not complicated. It will only take a maximum of two minutes with the guidance of the pictured manual. A total of 3 years warranty ensures the utilization of the balance bike.

As a gift item for different occasions, the YGJT panda balance bike is perfect, along with other designs. Kids will, of course, love them a lot.


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YGJT Unisex Baby Balance Bikes for 1-2 Year Old


Are you looking for a dirt bike baby walker for the road? Then, YGJT unisex baby balance bikes for 1-2 years old are a very suitable one for you. As a parent, you may want your toddler to learn to walk on the road. Then you can rely on this bike.

They have got six cool styles of bikes in their collection:

The importance of a robust body structure can not be avoided because it is about the security of the beloved kid.

Keeping this in mind, the YGJT company has manufactured this bike’s frame with carbon steel. Three parts of the bike are made from EVA material. They are:

Thus the seat becomes soft and comfortable for the cute young rider. To avoid fastening the kid’s feet, the wheels are bordered correctly. The wheels are also wide enough without the presence of any pedals.

The steering of the can rotates up to 135 degrees, not letting the kid fall on any side. Toddlers get a smooth riding experience on this bike. Eco-friendly materials ensure harmless riding for your baby as there is no BPA.

A simple assemblage of the bike may be done following three easy steps within 120 seconds maximum—requirements of any extra tools for that. You may pick this dirt bike baby walker as the first gift item to start learning to maintain balance.




 YGJT Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Kid’s Toys for 18-36 Month (Unisex)


Those fans of sky blue will fall in love with YGJT baby balance bikes bicycle kid’s toys for 18-36 months (unisex). The weight of the bike is 2.2 kilograms only.

Consequently, the kid can move with the bike quickly and ride with it. TUV examines the EN71 certification of this bike. The four-wheel bike is made from EVA; this material gives noise-free riding. The bike seat is made from PU leather to provide them with the ultimate comfort. As a result, the baby can keep their balance with their arms and put their feet quickly on the surface. The rotating limit of the steering is 135 degrees.

The dirt bike baby walker’s frame is manufactured from corrosion-proof metal. The outside of the bike is surrounded by a powder covering.

Hence the handlebar grip is anti-skid and made from TPR material. Installation of the bike is straightforward whenever there is a user manual. Consequently, you will be able to install it without any extra tools that too within 2 or 3 minutes highest.

To make the customer ultimately satisfied, you can ask for a refund within 30 days. In addition, there is a warranty of 2 years.

For various types of occasions, this bike is an ideal gift. The baby will get the advantage of developing a strong muscle in its body with growing self-confidence by riding this baby walker bike. The friction will happen at once if there comes any shaking effect.




 YGJT 3 in 1 Toddler Tricycle for 2 – 4 Year Old


Are you looking for a kids tricycle? If you can’t trust the two-wheel bikes, then you can go for the YGJT 3 in 1 toddler tricycle for 2 – 4 year olds.

They have a total of six lovely colors of tricycle:

Consequently, you won’t be able to resist buying one among so many color variations. Again you are getting another exciting feature in this tricycle. Both with pedal and without pedal trike are in their cock. Besides, you can detach them too.

The seat height is flexible. You can fix the seat in a specific position according to the kid’s height. Afterward, your kid will grow from one side, and you can adjust the seat. The maximum suggested height of the kids is from 30 to 38 inches.

While this bike or trike is more significant in size than most of the available bikes on the marketplace. Parents will get an advantage to fold this baby walker bike and carry it anywhere for outdoor biking or storing it anywhere in the house.

Again the handlebar grips are slip-resistant. Durable carbon-made frames give the bike or trike to play with it many days.

The wheels are made from EVA materials to add another benefit. So, they are eligible enough to give the riding experience on the rough roads too.

Consequently, the toddler will get the taste of independence and stability through riding.

Assembling the bike becomes very straightforward with the help of the instruction manual. It wastes a few minutes of your valuable time only.



YGJT Foldable Toddler Trike & Balance Bike


Many of us want to have a foldable bike or trike, which they will carry behind their car or store in a safe place in their house.

YGJT foldable toddler trike & balance bike can be an excellent selection for those people. Additionally, you will be able to carry it outside for your kid to ride and enjoy the riding.

The available colors are:

You Are perplexed to decide one among them, aren’t you? Hence, your problems may be solved if you select one color your kid shows interest in.

You can use this tricycle or bike from your toddler’s 18 months old age till it grows to 4 years old as the seats are adjustable, so it will not be an issue at all.

Altogether you can get three modes from this bike or sliding trike. In their entire childhood, they can have a lot of happy times with this bike or trike.

Now comes about the materials. The bike frames are made from robust steel, and the tires are made from large size EVA foam.

This foam can give the kid a joyful adventure to any kind of smooth or rough road. Since the handlebar grips are anti-skid, the infant’s hand will not slip while it clutches the grips.

This bike plays a crucial role in both physical and mental development.



YGJT Unisex Baby Balance Bikes for 1 Year Old

YGJT unisex baby balance bikes for 1 year olds are among the best balance bikes of YGJT company. You can give this bike to your little angel as the first step of growing confidence and learning to balance in the ground.

Therefore the colors they have kept in their stock are:

Indeed, the solid and long-lasting frames are made from carbon steel. The material of the handlebar is EVA. As a result, the materials used to manufacture the baby walker bike are environmentally friendly.

The bike’s seat is very smooth to ensure comfort for the tiny body of your kid. Specifically for those who are yet to learn walking.

The baby’s feet are safe from being fastened and getting hurt as the wheels are surrounded. In the same way, the large wheels have no pedals. So, the tender feet will not be trapped in the pedals.

Since the rotation limit of the steering is 135 degrees, as a result, the little angel will not fall from any side.

Furthermore, the installation is without any tolls and takes a little time, letting the toddler play with the bike quickly.

YGJT unisex baby balance bikes for 1 year old let the baby enjoy a safe ride and also the feeling of balance.

For any day, birthday, Christmas, or any special day for the baby, this dirt bike baby walker may be an ideal gift for any infant.


YGJT Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Kids Toys For 10 To 36 Months


Do your kids love dogs and other animals a lot? Indeed you will look for kids balance bike dogs. Surely, YGJT baby balance bikes bicycle kids toys for 10 to 36 months kids will be successful in making your kid smile a lot.

The four types of animals design bikes they have are:

So, this bike will be a source of pleasure for your young child. Uniquely, the animal’s eyes can blink whenever the child moves the handlebar.

The no-pedal feature makes the bike secure for the feet of the young kid. In addition, the wheels are surrounded too.

So, the feet of the little one will not clamp with them. Besides, the 135 degree steering does not let the kid fall from any side.

To ensure the durability of the dirt bike baby walker, the robust material carbon steel is utilized for the frame. In the same way, the handlebars are made from environmentally safe material EVA.

Furthermore, riding with this bile is equally helpful for the baby to learn balancing utilizing the power of the leg muscles.

Thus, both confidence and happiness come together for the little kid. Then, the assembling can be done quickly with the help of the instruction manual.


YGJT Unisex Baby Balance Indoor Bikes


Are you looking for a colorful bike but in a dilemma to fix the color? Then YGJT unisex baby balance indoor bikes collection may help you select a color from their collections.

Hence the colors you are getting here are:

Kids starting from the age of 1 to 3 years old need to learn the balance of walking on the ground. In the hope that they will learn stability, you can give your infant this bike. Along with walking, it will learn biking too.

Again the lightweight tires made from EVA are noiseless, and you will be able to keep them clean with minimal effort. There will not be any mark on the floor of your house too.

This bike has got double certification from:

Both of these certificates are from the American Laboratory. Carbon steel-made frames are solid and long-lasting.

This bike is manufactured with this metal. A slip-resistant handlebar gives the soft skin of the palm more protection.

You don’t have to rethink about giving this bike as a gift to the kids of your friends or relatives.


Buying Guide: YGJT Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Kid’s Toys

Undoubtedly as a parent, you will want to select the best balance bike. Which will let the baby become most benefited without significant injuries. For this reason, you have to keep in mind the following unavoidable things:


Size is crucial to selecting any kid’s baby walker bike. If the size is a good fit, it will be very sportive for the kid.

Otherwise, it will not let the kid feel interested in riding the bike. A too small or too big bike will not allow the kid to enjoy biking.


Bikes with too much weight are impossible to handle for a baby. The lighter the bike will be, the more suitable the dirt bike baby walker will be.

According to the statistics, you need to choose 30 percent less in weight than the kid’s body weight.

Wheels Number

In addition to the other features, the number of wheels is also a vital factor for the best balance bike for 1 year old.

As four, three, or two-wheeled bikes are available in the marketplace. Keep in mind which will give the little one enough support, whether riding or walking.


Pedals become a kind of obstacle for infants. In addition, there is no use of pedals for kids balance bike dogs. Pedal less dirt bike baby walker is an excellent use of balance bike.


At the same time, materials are not something you can overlook. Such as, the frames should be manufactured with robustness and light.

Grips of the handlebars should be made from materials like EVA, which is comfortable and harmless for the environment and the baby.

Steering Limiter

The function of the steering limiter is to keep in control of the bikes while riding and does not let the kid fall from any side

Which have fixed wheels in front and other wheels do not let the wheel rotate to every side. So, 135 degrees is the best limit for steering.

Insurance Of The Comfort

If it is an issue of comfort, you need to check the seat and handlebar properly whether the panda balance bike will provide enough comfort to your baby.

Hence, if you don’t find the bike comfortable, don’t pick it for your kid.


Q: What Is A Balance Bike?

A: You may also call the balance bikes run or push bikes. In the first place, these bikes are manufactured without pedals, mainly for little kids.

Whenever your baby starts to walk, they can play with the balance bikes as toys.

Q: Why will you purchase a balance bike toy for your young kid?

A: A balance bike is a playmate and linked with the grown-up kids’ punitiveness.

Besides, it turns them into efficient grown-ups. Riding bikes is a kind of exercise. Additionally, entertainment is also a chance for the infants to step out of the door for the first time.

Q: What Is The Perfect Size For Balance Bikes?

A: Firstly, specific wheel size is suitable for the kid’s age and height. You will find an instructions manual regarding this.

Children of different ages will not ride the bike with the same wheel size.

Q: Are The Balance Bikes Reliable? Are Balance Bikes Worth It?

A: Yes. Surely you can trust your kids with the balance bikes at an early age. As a result, they will learn to wake and maintain balance more quickly.

Q: Are the pedals removable from a balance bike?

A: Of course. Without a doubt, you can remove pedals if you think it is not safe for your kids. That too until the kid learns to use a bike with a pedal.

Final Words

YGJT baby balance bikes bicycle kid’s toys have many varieties in their designs. It becomes tough to select one baby walker bike among the attractive and colorful strategies.

Hence, if you want to select one for your 3 years old kid, you can pick the YGJT unisex baby balance bikes for 1-2 year old.

In addition, you can select the YGJT baby balance bikes bicycle kid’s toys for 18-36 months (unisex).

YGJT foldable toddler trike & balance bike can be a good one for you, too, if you want to choose a tricycle for your kid.

Undoubtedly, your hesitation has been removed by now to select a dirt bike baby walker. As we have prepared this list for your benefit, pick one and let the toddler enjoy its freedom…

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